Bed Fetish: Attraction for Underwear

Delicate women's underwear and especially on a toned tanned girl's body attracts the attention of many men. Some sexologists are seriously confident that the right choice of color and model of underwear can significantly improve or even change the sex life in a pair. This may actually work if your partner has a fetish for underwear. But even here options are possible.

Option One, Classic

Lace on the body adds sexuality to it – this generally accepted rule is widely used in the advertising and sex industry. And indeed, many men recognize that view of a girl in peignoir or stockings turns on much stronger than a naked body.

Traction to underwear can manifest itself in different ways and have completely different bases. In the classic version are important as a visual picture as tactile contact. Many partners like to touch girls in lingerie or have sex without taking it off, but only baring the right areas of the body for a while.

This is not an aphrodisiac fetish for everyone that is suitable for any couple, but many couples try sex in stockings and high-heeled shoes only.

Option Two, With A Trick

This variant of underwear fetishism is especially developed in Japan, although in other countries there will certainly be his admirers. This is a preference for worn, but not washed, women's underwear. For some, it even sounds disgusting, and someone is ready to lay out hundreds of dollars for the fragrant panties of a young student or strict director.

Of course, this is also what business is doing. Someone sells such underwear online, someone prefers to remain in the shadows and distribute only among their known people or anonymously. But the demand for such proposals is large enough.

As a rule, such underwear is used for self-satisfaction and is indirectly related to bed games for two. However, if the fetishist is lucky enough to get into bed with the object of his fantasies, he will take off her underwear last.

Option Three, With A Twist

This is probably the most perverted version of the most common. The case when a man puts on underwear of ... his girlfriend. This is not a classic version of crossdressing or feminization. Here, an important component is the fact of linen belonging – it should not be new, specially selected or sewn under the anatomical features of the male body. Also, such a fetishist will not put on the underwear, bought on the Internet, but with pleasure he will dress in his girlfriend's panties and sweetly masturbate in them.

It is believed that in this way the main fantasy of such a fetishist is realized: at the same time to be in the place of a partner, and to dream of her at the time of masturbation. That is, in this way he tries to try on her role and get the same sensations.

Underwear is one of the most accessible fetish items that can be applied in different ways, depending on preferences and fantasies. Do not deny yourself anything until it hurts you and other people.