Role Play: Affordable Sexual Variety for Everyone

Sexual diversity is a term that is usually applied to those who are already fed up with ordinary sex, that is, in the missionary position under the blanket and with the lights off. However, sexologists boldly declare that sexual diversity is necessary for everyone and not to sex stop being boring, but to learn new boundaries of pleasure, to realize fantasies and to get more pleasure.

Dress Up Games

Sex shops offer sexy costumes for nurses, maids, hotties, schoolgirls in short skirts – a meagre variety you know. These are the most popular fantasies, there is a great demand for them, however, these are not all the roles that partners can try on. The Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood, the lustful Cinderella and the equally depraved Prince, and even furry animals – all this can and should be tried by those who want healthy sexual relations.

Why dress up games is in the list of must-have practices? Self-reinvention during the game liberates, allows you to go beyond the boundaries of your own personality and to know the new self. This, in turn, serves as a kind of therapy for those who cannot relax with their partner and have fun to the fullest without worrying about other things.

Complete Change of Roles

Such role-playing games are suitable not only for bisexual or homosexual couples. A classic heterosexual couple can also enjoy this kind of entertainment. First, strap-on sex and pegging can bring pleasure to partners regardless of orientation. And secondly, the role-playing game can only be a prelude, and sex itself will already occur according to the usual scenario with the usual distribution of “responsibilities” in a pair.

This game allows you to better understand the feelings of a partner. This is especially useful for those who are always in an active position: to feel weakness and allow other to lead in the game, control or invade the body. As well as the "receiving" partner can feel not only the strength and power to be on top but also the responsibility that is attached to it.

Role Play in BDSM

Someone will say that the Master and Slave in BDSM is already a role-playing game. One plays the role of dominant, and the other – subordinate. But even this can be imagined in the bright light of diversity: the hunter and his prey, the trainer and the dog/lion, the drover and the pony. Costumed practices in BDSM suggest reincarnation, but sex is included in them only with the mutual consent of both partners.

The desire to try on any role in the bed speaks of the desire for new sensations, facets and pleasures. Do not deny yourself this if it does not harm others.