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cannot hold it in anymore ,my mistress
marie 4 months ago
I am a Dominatrix and I am 37 years old, height 1m65 for 55 kg. A dominatrix always stays dressed, the submissive must never touch my skin except my feet. The slave must forget himself when he enters my universe, he will be there to serve me and obey my every whim and desire. When entering my universe you must ask yourself what you can do to satisfy me. Your desires do not matter to me, you will be my slave; you have to step aside, only my satisfaction matters. Dressage is compulsory, you will be harshly submissive, it is my world that you must marry and manage with care in the most total obedience when I want it, me and I alone decide. What I like: Whip, Swift , Whip, Gag, Latex, Leather, Vinyl, Foot fetish, Stiletto heels, Boots, Insults, Dirty talk, Humiliations, Slaps, Spitting, Bondage here is My hangouts address and here is my skype here is hangouts maitresserossely50 @ gmail .com and skype
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patricia2021 4 months ago
Hi, How are you doing ? It seems that you are a responsible person after viewing your profile, Please there is something very important which i will like to tell you, please this matter requires urgent response, email me at {}, so that i can send my pictures to you and also tell you the reasons why i am contacting you Thanks.
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Shea Mary 2 months ago
I am a top female, Dominant... I enjoy giving out instructions and I get pleasure from seeing them executed perfectly.. that do this get rewarded and pleasured. Although I take into account my subs sexual preferences... I don't take kindly to disrespect and disloyalty. I LIKE TO BE IN CONTROL OF SITUATIONS AND PEOPLE... I DO THIS BECAUSE NATURALLY I CAN’T HELP BUT MANAGE PEOPLE & THINGS... I AM A PERFECTIONIST.TEXT ME +16789614002 OR ON GOOGLE HANGOUTS
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