I am working now in a law firm and yes i am not perfect but i try my best to learn. My boss i nice and good looking but he is not easy with me when i make mistakes. This morning i got called to his office. He told me i have to get better with my writing. I still make mistakes. He has to punish me now. His voice scared me a bit and i told me he knows exactly how to teach me to get better. He told me to bend over at his desk. My mind was spinning and this was a new situation for me. I moved over to his desk and and bend over. My ass was sticking up in the air. He told me not to move and i sad " Yes - sir!". He moved behind me and i felt his hand sliding up and down my tights. I was wearing a skirt and he slowly made his way under my skirt.
He pulled my underwear down. and now he spanked my ass.
SMACK! SMACK. My ass was burning and it hurts to get spanked. He did not stop and now he put is hand between my legs and pushed a finger in me. I was wet and horny at that point. He pushed another finger in he and he streched me more. He started to finger fuck me slowly. I could here a zipper and that he had his cock in his hands. He told me again : " DonĀ“t move". He grabbed me and he pushed his cock in my pussy. I could feel his balls on my pussy and i felt horny and wet. His cock is sliding in and out of me. He fucked me hard and harder and at the same time he spanked my ass. I was so close to cum over his dick and i could feel that he was so hard and he was also ready to cum. He did not pull ot and he was ready to cum. I could feel his spern in me and i came at the same time. Wow what a nice punishement.