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Free, simple social network for communication only, like Facebook or Mamba. From the kinksters for the kinksters.


Subculture of the relationship of people based on erotic exchange of domination and other forms of sexual interaction, such as role-playing games with submission and dominant.

Bondage & Discipline

Tied up with rope, restriction of its mobility, role-playing related with discipline and punishing for disobeying.

Sadism & Masochism

Sadomasochism is a practice for pleasure from allowable pain or thoughts about the possibility to get a physical pain by voluntary consent.

Submission & Domination

Role game relationships by agreement partners with the distribution of unequal roles between participants.

BDSM culture

This is a set of directions depending on the preferences of the participants - domination and submission, spanking, femdome and much more.

BDSM positioning

Participants are divided by roles depending on the agreement. Top - dominant or upper, Bottom - subordinate or lower-sub, and also Switch roles - switch.

How about a Fetish?

One of the varieties of fetish phenomenon, together with "Commodity fetishism" in Marxism or Fetish fashion, etc. The basis of desire are: clothes, shoes, high-heels, etc. For example, latex, fur, leather products, nylon stockings, women's panties, men's hands.

What about kink?

Oddity or deviation. This word has an erotic hue. Can say it the strangeness that excites in any of its manifestations. This concept has common features with BDSM and fetish, but it denotes more of an erotic character. Often associated with fan-arts on existing creations.

BDSM, Kink and Fetish

Not a crime and not a socially dangerous behavior. Absolutely all participants comply with SSC: safe, sane, consensual. These are the brightest moments which can diversify as a family routine or one-time evenings. The practices themselves are complete trust in the partner and realizing your fantasies with him. Reveale yourself with you partner, the family routine might be interesting. Don't be shy.