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Internet fraud

  • On the user's page there is an option to write a review about a person or read other reviews
  • In order not to get into a scam, be vigilant and in no case transfer funds to unfamiliar persons
  • Before start communication inside the messengers (Telegram, whatsApp, Viber) or e-mail, please read the information carefully
  • Dating and chatting via the Internet implies anonymity at the beginning of the dialogue between the interlocutors
  • Social network allows you to share photos, videos and other content on your own risk
  • An attacker can gain your trust and get your frankness in correspondence, ask you about personal photos or videos
  • Attacker can Ask to go to the messenger or another social network, where he/she can identify you and your friends
  • Then threaten to send your candid material to your friends
  • Murdered woman, 32, 'tied up' and dumped at a playground had started exploring website
General recommendations for countering
  • Think before you do anything, tell or go to communicate in standard social networks or messengers
  • Do not panic - everyone on this planet without clothes is naked
  • Do not pay the attacker. Since you will not receive guarantees about his further actions
  • The attacker has no evidence of the authenticity of his information. He could edit the text or image in photoshop
  • Promptly inform the administration about the attacker
  • Do not go to chat outside the fetish dating ecosystem
  • If, nevertheless, you decided to give someone your contact details - try to make it impossible to find your real friends or relatives
  • If you decide to meet the requirements of the attacker - most likely you will be blackmailed in the future again by attacker
  • If you have a page in public social networks - it is better to put all the information about you "only for friends"
  • Hide in other social networks phone, e-mail and other information by which you can be identified
  • Do not add to "friends" the strangers
  • If the piquant information has become public knowledge, it is better to immediately tell the truth. Your friends surely understand, and the attacker will be left without anything.
  • No one can blame you for a photo without clothes. You are a free person - do what you want without violating the laws of your country