Catsuit – a Costume for Bold and Brave?

Sexy tournure of the female body perfectly emphasizes tight-fitting catsuit. The term that came to BDSM from pop culture has taken a firm place in the minds of newcomers. The stereotypical idea of ​​how the Mistress should look, includes this attribute. But is it true?

Catsuit As an Element of The BDSM Look

A variety of models of jumpsuit gives rise to a lot of controversy and stereotypes. The classic version of catsuit is quite simple: a snug-fitting jumpsuit with open ankles and wrists. Often it is complemented by gloves and high boots, masks and hoods. In addition, designers offer a choice of vinyl, latex, leather, spandex, stretch leather and other materials for the costume.

The main stereotype is that the stocking on the body will not be put on by every woman, but only the one with certain character. However, the same can be said about her preferences. If we talk about the "place" in BDSM, then in leather catsuit can be dressed the Mistress and the Slave as well. Everything will depend not only on the role in the erotic game, but also in the sensation that the clothes give.

Fetish outfit is not only part of the session look, it is also a reflection of the inner sense of self. They say every girl dream of being a playful graceful cat, and a man – a faithful and reliable dog. However, today you can find cat outfits and for the male.

How to Choose Catsuit?

As with any clothing, the main advice remains the same – you should feel comfortable. Despite the fact that the suit fits tightly over the whole body, it should be comfortable to move and perform any actions: walk, sit, crawl, flog.

Therefore, it is important to determine the size and material. The sensation of skin on a naked body (that is how a suit is worn) is not pleasant for everyone, just as a smooth latex can caress the eyes, but not the skin. Lacy and openwork variants of catsuit are more suitable for erotic and sexual games, but not for sessions – too light and frank attire that will distract from the main thing.

Any costume can be improved or supplemented with an original accessory. Prints with tiger stripes, soft fluffy boas and tails, belts and corsets – all this will undoubtedly become a real decoration of the look of a wild cat, will emphasize its charms and features.

And finally, fetish is an individual matter, but choosing and putting on a cat's costume can become a sensual game for both partners regardless of their roles in the couple.