Fire Play

Fire play is a BDSM practice, where fire is used to create psychological effect of fear at the bottom, a sense of helplessness and obtaining short-term pain. The goal of this game, or rather the SM-action, is to receive subspace, orgasm or other kinds of deviant reaction to pain and other incentives. Technique and inventory. Fire plays in BDSM are very different from what is usually called a fire-play: the rotstion of various burning props in the fire of fire, a show for the audience. Therefore, there is practically no use of the main traditional for the fire show props: poi, fiery hoops, staffs, etc. Only those that can be used in the game with another person: torches, fiery claws, fire whip and fireballs. There are also special techniques created for fire play in BDSM. So, fireballs are used differently: they directly burn the body of the bottom, naturally, using other fuel. As a fuel for such spheres in BDSM, for example, balloon gas for portable tiles is often used. The methodology of the thematic fire play is very specific and voluminous, and the impact itself requires practical skills, so those who want to practice should consult an experienced Master. So, the main parameters of the action are: - Areas of application - Flame temperature, - Periodicity and duration of individual impacts (it is important not only for security, but also to achieve the effect of action), Top is required to have accuracy in the management of the flame or the device itself, for example, a fire whip. Safety precautions. Safety in sadomasochistic fire plays includes both general requirements for fire safety, as well as measures to prevent burns with direct exposure to fire, as well as their primary treatment. In particular, it is necessary to take into account the fire safety of all surrounding objects, floor coverings and ceilings, presence of fire extinguishing equipment near the area of the action. Usually it is required to limit the possibility of involuntary movements of the bottom. Presence of a first aid kit with special anti-burn agents is also mandatory.