Wax play

Games with wax, or Wax play is a practice in BDSM, which means applying of hot paraffin (or other similar substances) to the body. It can be both a serious painful practice, and an erotic psychological game with fear. Materials for wax play. Despite the name of practice, paraffin is more often used in it than wax. This is due to the fact that the melting point of the used substance should be from 50 degrees (for sensitive places) to 55-57, so as not to cause burns. Meanwhile, the melting point of candle wax starts from 55 degrees, and can reach 70 or more, depending on the additives - thus, the use of wax is possible, but not for any zones, and when dripping from a higher altitude. However, gel candles are absolutely unacceptable! Candles with metal spraying, colored flame, and so on can't be used too because various additives can cause an allergic reaction and change the temperature unpredictably. Therefore it is more convenient to use paraffin in the form of ordinary household candles, decorative or special, for example bondage candles, as well as cosmetic or medical paraffin in bars. Its melting point is from 47 to 55 degrees. The technique of wax play. Paraffin can be applied by dripping with a candle or by brushing, splashing, or pouring with a small spoon and melting in a water bath. The dripping height is usually from 20 to 40 cm, the larger it is, the more falling drop cools down. After the action, the solidified wax is carefully cleaned with a knife. Safety precautions include several points. First of all, it is the choice of a material with a safe melting point, as described above. It is necessary to eliminate the risk of hair (hair has to be closed!) and surrounding things inflammation, as well as to have water and a wet towel or sheet at hand. If tea lights in metal molds are used, you need to remember that the metal heats up strongly and you cannot put them on the body of the bottom, and there is a danger of dropping it because of burning your hand. In addition, the wick in such candles is kept by paraffin - it can just fall out burning on the body of the bottom. You can remove wax from the hair on the limbs and other parts of the body only with hair itself, so you need to take this moment into account from the very beginning. You can do waxing, but it is an extremely painful procedure. It is better to limit the scope of application or shave the hair beforehand. Do not apply paraffin to the mucous membranes (including the genital area), this is fraught with not only with burns, but also with the inability to remove it after the action. Do not touch the birthmarks (!), papillomas (!), and of course, areas of skin damage, usually wax is not applied on the face. In case of burns, an anti-burn spray or ointment, dexpanthenol, etc. is needed. You should remember about the difference in the sensitivity of the skin in different people and choose the height of dripping or the rate of paraffin application, checking in advance on the arm and monitoring the reaction of the bottom in the process. You cannot forget that paraffin is difficult to clean off the floor or fabric - it is better to cover the place of the action with the sheet, which is then collects the material scraped from the body. Additions to wax play. Paraffin of different colors can be painted on the body of the bottom. Wax play can also be alternated with exposure to ice cubes, dripping of cold water - while the bottom with blindfolds cannot always understand what effect was applied. Use of wax in the places of flogging, on the skin warmed by the flogger, enhances the sensations. Preliminary bondage also gives acuity to sensations. In addition, the subsequent wax cleaning can be turned into games with knives.