Ballbusting is a painful practice in BDSM, hits on male testicles. Literally, BallBusting in translation from English (sexual slang) just means "busting on testis". Usually used in a femdom. Ballbusting as a fetish-video genre is also called Tamakeri (from the jargon of Japanese 玉蹴り, which means "to hit the ball"). Ballbusting is an extreme and dangerous practice. The Bottom man in the ballbusting gets the opportunity not only to experience pain, but also to demonstrate his absolute willingness to obey, to be humiliated as a man, and to give pleasure to the Top. Male genitures are the most vulnerable place, and substituting them for hits is a symbol of trust. Therefore, for Top sadomasochist pleasure includes all three components: pain, submission and humiliation. Ballbusting can also be part of the foot fetish. Methodology for ballbusting performing. Ballbusting is usually performed on the fixed bottom, for which a binding in the pose of the star can be used or other options of rope bondage: simple spacers on the legs and hands, pads and so on. Hitting an unfixed bottom is also possible, but it is extremely dangerous, because it requires great accuracy and speed of reaction, as well as good knowledge of the partner. With involuntary movements of the bottom in this case it is impossible to accurately calculate the place and f***e of the impact. Hitting by the palm is possible - it is a softer option, and by the foot - barefoot or in shoes. The strength of hits is selected individually, as well as their number, based on the pain threshold of the bottom. At the same time, all general safety requirements are strictly observed: for example, the exclusion of a*****l by both partners, the use of a safety word, and so on. Testicles injury can have the most serious consequences, in this case the genitals should be covered with ice, bottom should have anesthetic and immediately call an ambulance. You must have anti-shock d***s in your medicine box. Psychological component of security is also important - both the establishment of trust before the action, and the withdrawal of the bottom from the action, in which he receives attention from the Top, emphasizing his value. These recommendations on methodology and safety are only the most general. There are extensive guidelines for ballbusting, which describe in detail its varieties and methods of safe conducting. It is best to consult experienced Top beforehand.