Know Your Sexuality: Sapiosexuals

Intelligence is the new sexy. The phrase, said by Irene Adler in the series about a consulting detective story, and propagated by Holmes’ fans, best describes the feelings that the sapiosexual experiences.

The Largest Sexual Organ

Scientists say that the excitement of a person is not at all below the belt, in the very thing that neither is at the top – in the brain. Despite the fact that the set of hormones is in many ways guide the process, it is the brain that responds to all basic actions and sensations. Sapiosexuals are doubly lucky: in a partner they are not excited by their appearance, smartness of the body or the thickness of the wallet, but the mind.

Everyone has their own fetish or the most sexually attractive trait, so the sapiosexuals themselves say that there is nothing more exciting than interesting intellectual conversation with a partner. And this does not always apply to members of the opposite sex. That is, sapiosexual can be both gay, and lesbian, and bisexual. To some extent, this is also a kind of fetish.

Grind Are Now in Vogue

According to sexologists, sapiosexuals are a relatively new phenomenon, they were first talked about in the early 2000s and there are still disputes over the correct definition and categorization. Should falling in love with the intellect detect as deviations or is it the evolution of humanity?

The change of vector from the mountain of muscle in the direction of thin boys with glasses and books on the edge may be a signal that we will soon expect another boom of discoveries and innovations, both in technical and in social aspects. And a place on the Olympus of popularity next to the actors will be occupied by scientists, inventors, and innovators, who are not necessarily distinguished by their bright appearance or beauty.

Sapiosexual: The Perfect Place to Meet

It is quite logical that the ideal place for exploring sapiosexual is the Internet. When you are just the letters on the screen and you can put anything on the avatar, only judgments, the level of education and intelligence are evaluated. That is all that is needed directly sapiosexual and his partner.

Numerous forums, social networks, applications, instant messengers for communication open up tremendous opportunities for finding someone who is able to impress, if not satisfy, with just one word. However, it is worth remembering that if the sapiosexual values ​​intelligence, this does not mean that his object of passion has the same preferences. It may sound strange, but to get attention of an intelligent person you still need to be liked by him, and to do this, find out his needs and assess your chances of satisfying them.