What A Woman Wants: An Introduction to Female Kinks

A film familiar to everyone with Mel Gibson told about the woman's emotions, but tactfully kept silent about her kinks – forbidden sexual desires. Recent studies have shown that women are much more relaxed and kinkier than men suggest. Here are some interesting facts.

Most Women Are Monogamous

A common stereotype that is cultivated in society, representing men as polygamous hunter-conquerors, and women as monogamous faithful companions. In fact, only thirty out of a hundred women consider themselves completely monogamous. The rest are inclined to polyamory and swinging. As for orientation, here the study made an interesting discovery: about 50% of women answered that they had sexual relations with representatives of their gender and did not mind repeating it.

Only in BDSM A Woman Can Be the Main

A provocative and erroneous statement. About two-thirds of women see themselves more in the role of submissive than Dominatrix. While men are confident that more than half of women prefer the role of the Mistress. Moreover, many women noted an interest in masochism and painful practices in general. Only twenty percent of those polled would like to be the Mistress. Apparently, therefore, it is so difficult to find a strong and domineering Mistress – this is a very rare species worthy of the BDSM red book.

Also, some women noted that they could exchange roles with a partner as a one-time experiment or for a change in relationships. However, there were also enough switches among the fairer sex.

Women Choose Safe Fetishes

Many men are confident that women prefer fetish outfits, masks, and foot fetish as their main hobbies and kinks. However, the survey showed that most women prefer spanking, bondage, sex in a public place and breathing games. But the fetish clothing and foot fetish in general at the very end of the list.

What is the conclusion from all of the above? Men know women and their desires too poorly, thinking narrowly and stereotypically. Expand your consciousness, offer unusual things to your partner, and you will see a spark flicker in her eyes.

Of course, do not forget about the category of women who prefer classics: sex poses, lace in clothes and high heels. However, even they like to supplement the usual scenario of a sexual game with something unusual. Though not often, and not as radically as others, but they may surprise you.