Psychological sadism

Psychological sadism – it’s a group of BDSM practices, consisting of a psychological impact on the bottom one with the purpose of exchanging emotions. This practice includes game humiliation, games with fear, as well as methods of physical influences which have a predominantly psychological purpose (for instance, slaps). As a separate complex of practices, with its own rules, we can single out Haji-sessions. While both upper and bottom are getting pleasure, whereas in all cases it is based on sadomasochism, and in many cases also on concomitant fetishism. Game humiliations are the actions that are considered humiliating in a society and to what type of a practice belongs certain partner. This is the verbal humiliations - the use of obscene vocabulary (swear words), slaps, various types of implicit publicity, the reduction to the role of the animal in the pet play, participation in practices of coprophilia and a golden rain, and so on. In verbal humiliation, in most cases, two elements are important: v*******n of the social taboos and the presence of sexual overtones. The first of them in the eyes of partners is a symbol of closeness and trust - as well as exposure to each other, displays what is happening in a pair beyond what is permitted between strangers. The second element gives the possibility of an ambivalent perception of what has been said. So, the word "bitch" is offensive, but in European culture symbolizes sexual activity. In other words, when the bottom is called a bitch, it has the following overtones: "you are so sexy that when I see you I forget about social norms and I can only think about having sex with you". Insults that don’t allow ambivalence of perception (for instance, negative statements about appearance), most often perceived negatively. What has been said about verbal humiliation is largely true of other game humiliations. Games with fear – are the practices where emotions from fear, as well as trust and submission, come at the first side. In such practices is possible the pain, sometimes it’s inevitable, but plays a secondary role as an indicator of the reality of fear. This group includes games with knives, not involving scarification and scarring, contactless fire-play, some variants of games with hidden publicity, and others. Haji. The practice, which came to us from Japan, consists of playing humiliation in order to strengthen psychological stability and increase self-esteem. This is an extreme practice, which provides for special impact techniques, constant monitoring of the lower state both in the process of the action and after it, and the technique of removing it from the action. It’s originally was used in martial arts. Note. The term “psy-sadism” is not understood in the same way by everyone. Instead of the one described above, some means for some reason this action as an action aimed at lowering the self-esteem of the bottom, as well as various methods. Such actions go beyond BDSM, because they v*****e security requirements, as well as voluntariness, and are unacceptable. You can’t use this term from the BDSM dictionary to describe such methods.