Sensory Deprivation: Sharpen the Senses

The disconnection of one sense organ causes the aggravation of others – this statement is familiar to everyone. And it is precisely its application in practice that sensory deprivation is — disabling one feeling in order to aggravate others.



The most common type of sensory deprivation is disabling vision, that is, blindfolded eyes. Through vision, a person receives 80% of information about the world around him, therefore, it is believed that depriving this feeling is the most aggravating of all other senses: sounds become louder, and touches are more tangible and sharper. It also affects the taste.

Quite often, visual sensory deprivation serves as a spice or a prelude to sex, but in BDSM this can be a rather serious addition to common practice. According to the thematics, even the usual whipping with the usual set of devices and actions becomes sharper and gives more pleasure if the bottom one is blindfolded and fixed. The masochist stops in anticipation of the strike and can only guess at his approach, straining his ear, and the Sadist gains complete control over the body of his submissive.

That is why this kind of sensory deprivation requires a high degree of trust – you need to be sure that the Top will not take advantage of the situation to v*****e restrictions or taboos, and will not use forbidden practices.

Ear Plugs

Hearing deprivation is less common, but also widespread. If you take the same example with a whipping, then disabling hearing allows reducing the subconscious fear of a blow. That is, the bottom one does not hear the wave of the device, slap on the skin, only feels its strength and touch on the skin, which also greatly exacerbates the feeling at that particular moment. And since it does not shrink internally from the expectation of a strike, pleasure is d*****d.

Ear plugs can also be used to bring up a submissive when he learns to understand the dominant orders by looking or special gestures. Having been deprived of the opportunity to hear words, although he finds himself in a stressful situation, he learns faster. In addition, an important part of such an educational process is praise from the Top one. That is, in addition to command gestures, it would be nice to teach gestures of encouragement, to give treats (if it's a pet-play) or to caress your bottom one.

Medicines and more sophisticated devices can disable the sense of smell, taste, temperature sensors, and even the vestibular apparatus. The main warning for all types of deprivation is not to overdo it. The moderate use of sensory deprivation not only exacerbates other sensations, but also allows you to fight depressive disorders and even fears, but its too often use has the opposite effect. Be careful and make your enjoyment sharper with the mind.