The Benefits of Being in a BDSM Relationship

Most people tend to have negative associations with BDSM lifestyle and practices, claiming that they are unnatural and unhealthy. However, in recent years even science has been f****d to acknowledge that being in committed a BDSM relationship actually has a bunch of advantages over your normal, “vanilla” romantic relationship. Let’s take a look at the perks of a relationship that involves domination and submission.

More Mutual Trust and Understanding

Since just about every BDSM practice involves consent, people have a much stronger need to discuss all aspects of their relationships with their partners. This leads to establishing healthy boundaries and learning to trust each other. As a result, people in BDSM relationships are often more willing to bring up a complicated issue and work out a solution together than those in “regular” relationships.

Less Anxiety and Better Mental Health

Surprising as it may sound, being part of a BDSM activity such as spanking is actually beneficial for your brain. Whether you’re a dom or a sub, BDSM practices always require your undivided attention and a state of mindfulness. in a certain way, experiences you have being a slave or master can be compared to meditation, and that certainly has its benefits for your mental health.

Even if you’re anxious about your first BDSM hookups and encounters, you will soon find that the whole experience actually relaxes you and takes to a state that is often referred to as the “runners high”. Being in this state is good for your ability to cope with everyday stress and your psychological health overall.

More Intimacy and a Stronger Bond

When you’re in your twenties or early thirties, it is easy to imagine that romantic relationships are mostly about sex. However, most people realize that there is a lot more to this type of relationship as they grow older and wiser, and that’s when they start to appreciate actual intimacy.

If you think about it, BDSM practices almost f***e partners to constantly keep working on their relationships, because how else are you going to tell your significant other that you would like to be whipped tonight? The discussions that revolve around every single fetish and kink require a great degree of mutual trust, respect, and understanding, so it’s no wonder that people in BDSM relationships actually form stronger bonds with their partners. This doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve high levels of intimacy in a vanilla relationship, but the positive influence of BDSM practices on the overall dynamic of the relationship is undeniable.