Top-5 Best Whipping Devices

Whipping devices in BDSM occupy one of the central places, as they provide the sweet painful sensations in S/M practices. Of course, there are other options, but the spanking was and remains one of the favorite BDSM games. Everyone chooses his own device, someone generally likes a palm or an army belt, and this is quite enough, however, Devicemakers offer a wide variety for those who appreciate it.


Perhaps the most famous and common whipping device after the stack. It can be used both for warming up and as a tool for a full session. There are many variations: long and short tails, various methods of weaving the handle and even strict floggers for those whose pain threshold allows the use of something truly painful.

Single Tail

Not whip, the single tail – with a flexible handle, which is also a part of the device itself. Different tail lengths require different flagellant skills. For example, it is quite difficult to work with long-lengths, but everything can be learned by attending training seminars or by taking Masters as mentors. The thin tip of the tail can also be different and consist of several strips of skin.


The newbies usually call the cat with different names: both the “flogger” with pigtails, and the “braid” and even the “many-tailed lash”. The latter, by the way, is not so far from the truth. The cat has really several braided tails that sting stronger than the flogger, making the pleasure sharper and brighter. At the ends of the cat may be decorative items, such as roses or imitation of the blades of the skin.


For centuries rods have been used to achieve discipline and obedience. They can often be found in monasteries and closed schools as an “educational” tool. However, they play the same role in BDSM. Properly selected and prepared shoots of willow, birch or hazel can be a real punishment for disobedience, or a source of pleasure for especially sophisticated deviants.


Perhaps someone just looked at his palm and thought: "Why do I need a paddle if there is something nicer?". And yet, the variability of sizes, shapes and types of paddles suggests that it also has supporters. Most often it is a scapula, made of wood, covered with leather and supplemented with spikes or other elements. Using a paddle is possible not at all parts of the body, but the most intimate ones.

Of course, the list of whipping devices does not end there, and each of them determines his own personal top. The best devices are made by masters, and loved ones – by practice.