Clips and clamps, various clips with and without weights, are used in BDSM for long-lasting and at the same time "economical" painful action on the body. The traditional place of their attachment is nipples and labia in women, but they can be attached to any surface of the body: back, abdomen, and so on. The effect of compression can be different in strength. Differences in compression devices. Different devices have their advantages and disadvantages. clothespins are cheap and always available, but have a limited clamp size, and do not allow adjustment of the compression f***e without pre-treatment. They do, however, allow them to be used on a flat surface, gripping the skin, and lined up. Clips (especially specialized ones) allow for a wide range of jaw spacing adjustments. And circular clamps with adjustment by screws or otherwise allow you to clamp, for example, the scrotum, gradually increasing the pressure. There are clamps like "lasso", and clips like "crocodile", of different width and compression f***e. They can be completed with weights and bells, sometimes decorated. Safety. Static pain loading is very insidious. Pain, at first perhaps and strong, gradually passes, but after removing the clamp, when filling the compressed vessels with b***d, resumes again - and with much greater f***e. And to stop the pain, of course, it is already impossible - you have to endure until the restoration of b***d vessels. Therefore, it is advisable not to tear off the clamps sharply at first, giving the opportunity to restore b***d flow. However, if the opposite task is to increase pain, then the clothespins lined up in a line are connected with twine and torn off. There is another circumstance: if a person is sexually aroused, he can take a much stronger pain, and when the arousal decreases, the clamped body begins to ache. Therefore, one should use static compression carefully, starting with a few minutes.