F****d Masturbation

<*******d masturbation in BDSM can be used in several cases. Firstly, it is orgasm t*****e - for this purpose f****d masturbation is used mainly in lower women. A series of consecutive orgasms in this case exhausts the woman, and after the first orgasms the subsequent ones are perceived as occurring against her will. A series of orgasms brings her into a state of altered consciousness. Secondly, such masturbation can also be part of a more extensive practice of orgasm control and orgasm production on command. This is applied to both men and women. It is just an element of the technique, giving the bottom a visual indication that the Top has gained full control of his penis and orgasm. The bound bottom is brought to the brink of orgasm, after which the Top stops or may allow an orgasm, and this is repeated many times. A third case in which f****d masturbation may be necessary is the use of it to humiliate men. Often such humiliation is only an intermediate step to create the appropriate emotional background in the lower men, before f****d straponization. Masturbation, in the minds of many, is a symbol of "dirty sex" in the most obvious way, as the body is soiled with semen. After such an orgasm, the man is relaxed, and in addition to feeling humiliated and "dirty", he is not in the mood for sex. Subsequent use of the strapon, despite his previously expressed desire for it, brings him emotions based on the fact that he himself did not want it.