A flogger is a striking device made of strips of leather (from several pieces to hundreds of them) fixed on a rigid handle. There are soft and hard floggers depending on the hardness and thickness of the leather from which they are made. The action of the flogger depends on its stiffness, size and number of "tails". The more of them, the greater the area of coverage at impact and the greater the f***e of impact due to their mass. Light soft floggers are purely fetish products - they can be made even of suede, and it is very difficult to cause real pain with them. A heavy (40-50 tails) soft flogger pierces deep, and can be a serious impact device. While not very high in actual pain during flogging, it has a strong after-effect. Hard floggers give burning pain, with a small (usually) number of tails being superficial. They can split the skin with hard edges. The f***e of the impact also depends on the length of the tails: it can range from 20 to 80 centimeters. Most floggers, however, have tails up to 50 centimeters long, as longer tails are more difficult to control and increase the number of slaps.

There are also very short products - so-called carpal floggers, or "genitals" for working on genitals and other traumatizing places. The width of the tails can vary from 4 to 15-20 mm: in hard floggers made of thick and hard leather, the tails are most often narrow, up to a square section, and in soft ones are wider. The shape of the ends of the leather strips is also important: cut at an angle reduces the traumatic effect of slapping. A flogger can be a warm-up device before whipping with a whip or other implements, or it can be used on its own. In the latter case, a pair of floggers of equal length is often used for two-handed work. It is convenient to work with a flogger and in a pair with another device of equal length: a single-tail or a cat. The requirement of equal length in this case comes from the fact that otherwise the distance would have to be changed.