Top 5 Most Popular Sex Fetishes

Diversity in sex is necessary not only for well-established couples who seek to maintain passion, but also for those who prefer everything new and interesting. However, sexologists say that it is far more effective not just to try something unusual, but to satisfy your fetish fantasies.


The stereotype and pattern, and meanwhile, still in the first place in the list of the most popular sexual fetishes for both men and women. Many men admit that high-heeled shoes look more attractive and sexier than bare feet. Often, they are part of the sexual fantasies of dominance. As a rule, in these fantasies on a woman there is nothing, except these shoes. Another stereotype: stilettos are usually red.

A woman in such shoes feels vicious, domineering and strong. Especially if her partner is turn on from one view of her in shoes.

Underwear and Stockings

Sexy underwear and garter stockings for many is the best aphrodisiac. It can also be widely used in crossdressing, both bedding and lifestyle. Some designers even took time to this fetish and demonstrated a whole line of men's lace underwear.

Women admit that seeing their attribute on a male body can be equally exciting and unacceptable.

Long Hair

And this fetish works for both sexes. Men love to coil the hair on hand during rough sex, women, run the hand into the mane of their partner. This is about the bed, but in everyday life, loose hair can cause dating, because it is difficult to hold, if there is such an exciting object nearby.

Red Lipstick

No matter how much they say that red is synonymous with vulgarity, many people admit that red lipstick is their kink. Despite the fact that many men prefer naturalism when it comes to lips – and the reasons are clear, no one wants to scrub lipstick from their own lips or other parts of the body – red lipstick at least attracts attention.

Piercing and Tattoos

Lovers to improve their body and decorate it with drawings, pins and earrings, say that this is only an external manifestation of the internal state. Those who appreciate this feature of theirs claim that a tattoo on the body or a pierced nipple excite more than any porn. Although, perhaps, this is due to the fact that many porn actors and actresses decorate their bodies with tattoos.

Of course, someone will say that spanking or dirty talk should be attributed to sex fetishes, but by their very nature – these are all rather practices, actions, than objects and things that excite.