The Hottest Zodiac Signs In BDSM

While BDSM is not all about sex and lust, intimacy and sexual practices are definitely a core part of this lifestyle. Check out our round-up of the hottest zodiac signs in BDSM and find out whether your BDSM partner belongs to the spiciest of the signs!

Gemini: Always exploring new things

Whether you are a BDSM master or a BDSM slave, a huge part of your lifestyle involves trying out new practices and finding the ones that reflect your views on relationships and sexuality. With a Gemini partner, you’ll have the freedom to explore just about any aspect of BDSM you wish, be it spanking, foot fetish, or electrosex. Gemini people can’t stand boredom, so there’s always going to be some space for experimentation in your relationship. Watch out: if you fail to satisfy your Gemini partner’s curiosity and capture their attention, they might go looking for another partner since monogamy isn’t a very attractive concept for them.

Virgo: Deceptive innocence

You’d think that the people born under the Virgin sign are innocent purists, and this logic does make sense. Unfortunately, you’d be wrong, since Virgo is actually one of the kinkiest zodiac signs around. Virgos live under constant influence of a certain duality going on in their minds, and this applies to their sexual relationships, too. Don’t be surprised to find out that your ever so dignified Virgo partner actually has a stockings fetish or enjoys having an enema before sex.

Cancer: Emotional sexuality

Cancer people are usually considered to be reserved, calm, and rather “maternal” in their behavior. However, in many cases this is just a facade built up to protect their vulnerable emotions. Once you get to know the person behind the facade, you will discover a whole new side of your Cancer BDSM partner. They are definitely not against bringing some kink stuff to the bedroom, and they often prefer their sexual activities to revolve around emotional connections. So, expect your Cancer partner to be into role-playing games with elaborate scenarios, but they are often no strangers to some spanking or ballbusting either!

Scorpio: The dark aura of sexiness

Many people believe that Scorpio is the sexiest Zodiac sign, and there must be a good reason for it. Believe us, sex is on the mind of your Scorpio BDSM partner almost at any given moment, and you can make good use of that! Scorpios are willing to take it all the way and they love power games, which is way a Scorpio lady often makes a great BDSM mistress.