Penis Extension or How to Enlarge Your Penis in 1 Minute

Sex toys are not just for women. The modern sex shop industry offers a wide choice and for men – different orientations and preferences. For example, extension on the penis, a variety of which will surprise even gourmet sex.

Anatomically Identical Extensions

Anatomically identical extensions completely repeat the shape of the penis with all the wreaths and irregularities, imitating the real sexual organ. The soft surface and elasticity of the material provide a pleasant feeling to the partner. Such an extension is also quite convenient to those who wear it. And in order to avoid incidents in the process, the extensions are equipped with an additional ring, which is put on under the testicles.

Penis extension is a great way to overcome your complexes and give pleasure to your partner, try something new and diversify your sex life.

Penis Extensions with pimples

No less than condoms, soft silicone extensions on the dick with pimples provide unique sensations, but only for one partner. Therefore, many manufacturers began to supplement the extensions for the penis with additional vibro-rings that are powered by batteries. Vibration is felt at the very base of the penis and is practically not transmitted to the partner.

As a rule, penis extensions have many options and sizes, but the material of manufacture is almost the same in all cases – silicone. This is a soft, reliable material that is ideal for making sex toys of any, even the most elaborate, shapes. In addition, silicone toys do not require special care and are compatible with water-based lubricant.

Double Penetration Extensions

Not every woman is ready to try threesome sex, and not every man is willing to share his partner. But for those who would like to try or practice double penetration with one man, manufacturers of sex toys offered a compromise option – another dick. In fact, it is a dildo that is worn on the penis from the bottom, thereby providing simultaneous penetration and frictions.

The classic version is quite simple, anatomically identical and made of latex. However, for lovers of sex with fiction, there will be more sophisticated options: with a vibro-ring at the base, a ribbed surface and even a special sprout that is inserted into the male anus to provide additional stimulation.

The wide selection and variety of forms of penis extensions confirms the demand for such sex products. However, no review will tell you about the sensations that can be experienced using a dick tip. Maybe you should get one?