A cane (Cane) is a flat, rigid rod. It can be with or without a handle (often traditionally bent). There is also a variant "rod" (Rod) - thinner. In most cases canes are made of rattan, but bamboo and plastic ones are also known. In BDSM cane is used as one of the most powerful devices for spanking. Emergence of rattan canes. Rattan is a vines belonging to the palm family. They grow in tropical forests mainly in Indonesia and Malaysia. There are more than 600 varieties of rattan palms in total, which belong to 13 botanical species. Some rattan vines can reach more than a hundred meters in length. The wooden canes that existed until the 19th century in Europe are too heavy and hard to be used for punishment, so it was the flexible and lightweight rattan cane that made it possible to use it for such a purpose. Rattan canes were used for punishment in many countries, starting with the English colonies, where they originated. They were used to cane delinquents, servants, and negligent students in schools - the latter was still used in some places until the middle of the 20th century. Canes were traditional attributes of aristocrats, and in c*******d most educated people were also punished with them, and therefore canes are fetish objects for fans of role-playing games in punishment and fans of "historical" BDSM. Cane Characteristics. Cane canes vary in length and diameter. The length of the cane varies in the range of 70-100 cm, width - 5-12 mm. The longer the cane, the stiffer it acts, while at the same time making it more difficult to control the accuracy of the stroke. The thickness of the cane affects the degree of pain .ambiguously: a thin cane gives burning superficial pain, like the rod, but stronger. A cane of medium thickness, in addition, adds muscular, and rattan over 10 mm can be compared to a heavy single-tail - it pierces precisely into the depths. There is also a classification of canes borrowed from the past: Preschool (Nursery), up to 5-6 mm diameter maximum, length up to 60 cm Junior (Junior) diameter 7-8 mm; Senior (Senior) diameter 8-10 mm; Reformatory - cane for adults, diameter 10-12 mm or more. There was another one, which was not included in the official classification established by the rules: the Singapore cane (Singapore) - diameter 15 mm, length up to one and a half meters. In terms of traumatism, the latter variant can be compared to a special palace whip.