Publicity is a sexual practice, as well as the BDSM practice, public demonstration of sexual or thematic actions and relationships outside the thematic environment. The basis of pleasure in publicity can be the fact of observation by other people, and the fear of being seen (with hidden publicity). In the practice of publicity, sexual pleasure can have a different character. It can be based on sadomasochism, for example, getting pleasure from the humiliation of a partner, or exhibitionism - from demonstrating oneself, or as an option, a naked partner (this deviation is called kandaulevism). Combinations of these deviations are also possible. Publicity can be an option of the so-called "soft swing", when couples have sex in sight of each other, without exchanging partners for direct contact. It should be noted that publicity as a practice presupposes voluntariness for ALL participants, including spectators. Observance of this principle, determination of the boundaries of the permissible is one of the difficulties in public interactions. It is also important to ensure the safety of participants, exclude aggression from others and bringing to legal responsibility. There are several options for public games for this. Limited publicity. Demonstration of actions that are shocking, but not punishable by law, while not formally violating the accepted norms of decency, although many don't approve those actions. For example, wearing collars, decorative bondage, kissing Top's arm by bottom, standing on the knees, wearing transparent clothing in the absence of linen, etc. Some actions that are in the "gray zone" are not permissible everywhere, but somewhere it can be relatively calm perceived by others: For example, in a nightclub or on the beach it is often possible to be topless. Sexual activities in partial publicity are limited to petting in various ways. Hidden publicity. One of the most common options of plays with publicity is hidden publicity. In this case, others do not have the opportunity to see sexual or other actions, but either they are aware of them, or only can potentially see, or see the action only partially. Dogging. Public sex, or dogging (from the English word "dog" - as participants make sex "like dogs") may be in the form of hidden publicity (park, entrance hall, etc.), but more often this means actions that are conducted openly . This practice has spread since the beginning of 2000 in England and then it spread all over the world. There are groups of dogging fans, people agree on the place and time - and those who want to see what is happening join them. This gives an opportunity for publicity while respecting the principle of voluntariness. Public humiliation or public disgrace is a direction of publicity, where the actions are focused on humiliations. Although most of the public actions involve such a motive, but in this case sadomasochistic component is emphasized. In this case publicity is often open, and it is demonstrates the difference in position and positioning of the Top and bottom, rather than just, for example, sex. Notes. Publicity as practice and those deviations on which it is based - in particular, exhibitionism have nothing in common with nudism (naturism). Moreover, this practice is directly opposite to nudism. Publicity lovers are sexually excited by the taboo of nudity. Nudists consider nudity natural. Nudity by itself (outside the context of sex with a specific partner) it does not arouse them, and public sex in nudism is also not expected. For the exhibitionist, it is important to have еpatage, even if everything happens in the circle of understanding people - nudists create their beaches and other places of communication precisely in order to exclude the exclusion.