Delayed Orgasm (Male and Female)

Those who believe that sex is the banal pleasure of the body or even worse, the physiological need of the body, probably sceptically raised an eyebrow or chuckled at the sight of the article title. And meanwhile, almost all Eastern sexual practices are built on the long-term sensual pleasure of both partners, the goal of which is one mutual deferred orgasm. What makes it so attractive? Let’s see.

Delayed pleasure is many times stronger than the usual orgasm. Those who regularly practice tantric sex say so. What does it have to do with it? Everything is very simple, the theory and the multiple treatises on practice come precisely from Tantra. Much later, all recommendations reached European men and women, however, this did not prevent them from learning to balance on the verge of pleasure and to reach a peak with a substantial delay.

It All Starts with Masturbation

Before practising a delayed orgasm, you need to conduct practical research. No, do not turn over the mountains of literature, starting with the Kama Sutra, but explore yourself and your sensuality, the ability to stop, calm down and continue, taking a breath. Masturbation is the easiest way to do it. Mutual masturbation can be a good prelude and an exciting game for both: a young couple and experienced partners.

Knowing yourself and your partner, the ability to subtly feel the experiences and emotions of another – at the physical level – the first step to a stunning delayed orgasm. Women during intercourse are able to experience several orgasms, and therefore their task: to keep them all and leave all the fun to the finals, enjoying the process, not the result. The task of the man is no less difficult – to hold out as long as possible, sensitively stopping the frictions, when the peak pleasure is already looming under the centuries and curling in the lower abdomen.

Tips from Practitioners

When the preparatory stage is over, it's time to move on to practice. And since this is a special technique, beginners are advised to follow the instructions or at least take into account the basic tips:

  • as close contact as possible – skin to skin, soul to soul – the main postulate of long sex, try to choose a position that would provide maximum friction;
  • freedom of hands – the best way to occupy yourself during a break is to caress your partner, therefore, the study of especially sensitive places on the body is also in the mandatory part of the training program;
  • eyes to eyes – the ability to follow the breath, the look and even the expansion of apple of the eye increases the ability to feel a partner.

Sex with a delayed orgasm is a pleasure of amazing power also because a huge amount of energy is released at the time of mutual orgasm. This energy exchange also serves as an "amplifier" of orgasm. Experienced practitioners say that, if you’ve tried such sensual and gentle sex with maximized peak pleasure, it is already difficult to return to the banal change of poses and places. But do not take their word for it. Try it!