Capnolagnia – Smoking Fetishism

Capnolagnia or a smoking fetish is an erotic attraction for people who smoke. However, despite the simplicity and obviousness of the fetish, there are variations that are important to consider when interacting with such a person.

One Breath for Two

The smoking fetish can manifest itself in different ways. One variation available to a D/S pair is smoke inhalation. The Mistress or the Master emits smoke, and his submissive catches echoes of breathing along with cigarette smoke. You can also exhale directly to the bottom mouth. However, remember the nuances: you need to exhale carefully, otherwise your partner will s*******e and in no case should you pinch his nose.

Inhalation of smoke can be combined with a kiss or other oral caresses. Always remember the safety precautions.


Some fetishists are particularly severely affected by smoking surveillance. This is akin to voyeurism, but involving cigarettes. The Mistress can gently clasp a cigarette with her lips, deeply inhale and let out smoke in a stream of ring or clouds. The visual component is of particular importance for the fetishist. In this way, you can turn on a partner without even touching him.

Specify in advance what exactly and how will happen. Make a script and prepare the props: cigarettes of a certain brand, a lighter or matches, a mouthpiece and even lipstick or music, if the musical accompaniment matters. Consider all the little things and then start practicing.

Theatrical Action

Cigarettes can be an additional element in a role-playing game. No matter what scenario you choose, supplement it if your partner is a fan of this fetish. This advice applies not only to BDSM couples and thematic relationships but also to any role-playing games.

Remember the fire safety rules and do not drag a lit cigarette to bed, keep an ashtray, or even better a container of water, on hand to extinguish a cigarette.

Preparation and Nuances

Immediately stipulate what attracts to smoking: exhaling smoke or observing the process, or both. Perhaps the submissive will serve his Mistress: he will receive smoke, ashes from it after the cigarette butt. Protect yourself from possible negative consequences, not only physical but also moral. If some actions in the process may be taboo, voice it during the discussion.

In addition to cigarettes, smoking fetishism can spread to cigars and hookah. Consider similar options for a change or as a reward. Combine with other practices, diversify the session with other fetishes or treat your partner with your favorite chips.