Dacryphilia is a sexual deviation, in which sexual arousal or satisfaction comes from the sight of partner's tears and sobbing. In general, tears do not cause sexual desire in men, and dacryphilia is a relatively rare deviation. It can be based on fundamentally different needs: sympathy and a desire to console and a sadomasochistic need for domination. In the first case, the cause of tears is not important to the deviant, and only the opportunity to console matters. In the case of sadomasochistic dacryphilia, tears and crying are caused in the BDSM process by the practitioner serve as a signal symbolizing the psychological capitulation of the bottom, confirming by it the dominant role of the Top, whose attention and sympathy bottom attracts in that way. Then usually there is consolation and care, or sex. This deviation is not present at all, but only in some sadomasochists. It can accompany sadomasochism, or it may be a separate deviation, with sadomasochism not related. The roots of dacryphilia lie in c******n's impressions. This can be a fixed connection of punishment and subsequent sympathy in the experiences of the c***d himself, or a v*******n of social taboos ("men do not cry") observed by him and made a profound impression in the form of tears in an adult man, or other experiences. Depending on the variant of the primary impulse that caused the deviation, it can take various forms. With this deviation, tears and crying are a source of sexual arousal only for the deviant watching them, but not for the crying one - in contrast, for example, from the same sadomasochism in which there are both sadists and masochists. The sadomasochistic pleasure of the bottom during the flogging "on catharsis" with tears is due not to dacryphilia - the psychological mechanisms of "redemption" and "purification" through pain work here. The Top when flogging "to tears" can receive as sadomasochistic pleasure from the feedback (painful or positive), and pleasure from tears in the presence of dacryphilia. As a rule, a special technique of practices to meet the needs of the Top in tears is not applied, given that most sadomasochists - dacryphiles do not realize this need. At the same time, pleasure from tears for both the sadomasochist and his partner can act as a pleasure from taking care of the bottom after the action. This circumstance brings together both versions of this deviation, allowing them not to be separate. The need to separately reflect and transform this deviation also does not usually arise. Having reflected and transformed his sadomasochism, starting to enjoy not only the painful feedback, but also the pleasure of the bottom partner, the sadist (if he also has dacryphilia) naturally supplements this by taking care of the bottom after the session. And just as with active conscious attempts to control his clinical sadism (transforming it into a "thematic" one), a sadist can stop experiencing the pleasure of a purely painful feedback, he can also achieve a remission of dacryphilia accompanying sadomasochism - without even setting such a task up specifically.