Fetish Parties: What Is It and For Whom?

Everyone is familiar with thematic parties and corporate events – a cheerful company of friends in costumes, contests and dances. Yes, this is a great way to spend time with colleagues, to diversify grey days and your leisure time. A fetish party is an event of a completely different level, where like-minded people and fans of fetishes, BDSM practices and games gather.

Required Fetish Party Attributes

Each party has its own characteristics, but at the same time, there are common elements that create a unique atmosphere. Fetish parties differ mainly in orientation and degree of unbridled manners of visitors of the event.

  1. First, as a rule, it is a closed meeting, to which guests are allowed on the recommendations. Everyone appreciates the anonymity and the opportunity to relax.
  2. Secondly, the thematic BDSM party involves strict adherence to the dress code. In jeans and a favorite shirt, you can come to any club, but not to a fetish get-together.
  3. Thirdly, only official photography is allowed (your own proven photographer), and only at the request of guests.
  4. Fourthly, an unusual show program, which consists of performances by well-known in narrow circles of thematics and fetishists, is a magnificent theatrical performance, where there are no actors – only live emotions and experiences. These are NOT productions; these are live performances.
  5. Fifth, contests and prizes from the organizers are also "fetish" in nature. For the most erotic moan or the ability to bind a partner, you can get as a gift candles for wax-play, whiping devices, a bondage player set and much more.

In a word, the fetish party is the most delicious dessert in the entertainment menu.

Who and Why Attend Fetish and Themed BDSM Parties?

In short, these are meetings for experienced thematics and beginners, kinksters, fetishists and other “perverts”. Such parties become a source of bright emotions and relaxation.

  • This is a reason to meet. If you are not so long ago in the Theme, you need a place where you can chat with like-minded people and find answers to burning questions.
  • This is a reason to find a pair. Agree, there are quite a few places where you can openly declare your preferences and click the whip or fall on your knees to confirm your words.
  • This is a place to relax. The performance on the stage and interactive play-zones allow you to enjoy the show, watching it from the side, or to become a direct participant in the spontaneous number.
  • This is a reason to try on a new image. This applies not only to a new attire or mask, but also to a new role for yourself – to feel the drive or, on the contrary, to feel nothing.


Everyone finds something of his own at such a meeting, but it’s absolutely certain that attending a fetish party is an event that cuts into memory forever.