Slave Contract: Myth, Relic of The Past or Necessity?

Slave contract – paper-based agreements between a slave and his Master/Mistress. Many have heard of it, maybe someone even saw the templates available on the Internet, but few signed. Why so?

Contract Forms

Since such an agreement does not bear any legal f***e and is not signed by a notary, some thematics do not see any need for it, because everything can be solved without unnecessary papers. However, the oral contract form is also a slave contract, which is common in the thematic community.

The paper form of the contract is more often found in fetish films or literature, where it is given special importance, because the relationship between the Dominant and the Submissive begins with its signing. In real life, sometimes it’s really enough to talk.

The Benefits of a Slave Contract

And yet, a slave contract can be very useful for both partners, especially for neophytes. It defines the needs, desires and expectations of both the slave and his Master/Mistress; the rights, duties and responsibilities of both parties are also established. In the process, the roles and goals of such relationships are discussed: that is, it is initially determined where one's place is and how to behave in various situations.

The contract may stipulate the phases of training, if necessary for a novice slave, and the rules for transferring the slave to someone else's use, if acceptable by both parties. A list of desired practices (green zone), permissible practices (yellow zone), Taboo and restrictions (red zone) is also determined.

The connection established during the discussion only becomes stronger over time, but its foundations are laid precisely at this moment.

Slave Contract: Is It Really Necessary in Paper Form?

In short, of course not. The signing of any securities does not guarantee anything, but significantly clarifies the relationship within the framework of the categories described above. In addition, the discussion of such a contract, the typical form of which is easy to find on the network, can be fun and interesting.

You can also get a test to determine your desires and needs, discuss it together and highlight the red, yellow and green zones. Any agreement in a thematic pair is already a contract, so fixing on paper is a simple formality. Feeling and following all the agreed rules are much more important. By the way, the signing of the contract can be combined with putting on a collar and make a real theatrical action out of the beginner's initiation.