Drowning is a BDSM practice that combines breath control games (a**********n) and fear games. It is an extreme practice in which the head of the bottom is submerged in water, depriving him of the ability to breathe. Both partners in drowning get sadomasochistic pleasure from the maximum control, and the lower one, in addition, from the change in the oxygen content in the b***d, which causes him specific sensations. Such a psychological moment as immersion in water is also important, evoking reactions on a subconscious level. The practice of drowning, as well as any practice of a******a, is extremely dangerous, and in this version much more dangerous compared to others. Stoking Techniques and Safety. There are contraindications for action, completely excluding the possibility of carrying out this practice. First of all, they are the same as for any kind of breath control practices. These are vascular problems, heart disease, and more. Specific contraindications include various phobias. Both general safety requirements, such as avoiding a*****l, and using a stop light to stop the action immediately, are necessary. The bottom is immersed in the tub, and is not usually secured, but held by the hands, from which follows the need for a difference in strength between the Upper and Lower partner. The mouth and nose are covered with the palm of the hand. The Upper stands next to the tub, or is in it in a top position, the second option being potentially more dangerous for both partners. Caution should be taken against drowning in natural bodies of water - action often involves swallowing water, which should therefore be clean. Beforehand, it is necessary to check the ability of a particular bottom to hold its breath - the time of sinking depends on both lung volume and other individual characteristics of the body. To the dangers common to all practices of a******a, associated with the lack of oxygen, in the case of sinking, a few more are added. This is the possibility of water entering the airways, which makes it much more difficult to provide assistance afterwards. In addition, these are cramps, sprains of ligaments with involuntary movements of the lower. The upper must have the necessary skills to carry out resuscitation measures for a******a and drowning. The presence of a first aid kit with appropriate d***s, and a charged phone with a positive balance to call an ambulance is also necessary. It is better to consult with an experienced thematician before carrying out the action.