Single-tail whip

The single-tail whip has a long leather braided tail with a core. The core is made of silicone or leather, sometimes of synthetic cord. There are also composite cores, in which, for example, silicone (giving weight and flexibility) is combined with belt leather (providing rigidity). The handle in most cases is rigid, braided with the same leather. There are also variants without a handle - entirely flexible, so-called snakes (from the English word "snake"). The absence of a hard handle makes the device more compact, but more difficult to control. At the end of the tail is a clapper made of leather. Such a whip does not have an extension halyard for replaceable ends (unlike the universal dog whip). The length of a one-tailed whip is from 60 cm to one and a half meters. From the length, diameter of the core weight, material and type of weave depends on the f***e of impact. Action whip work. Work the whip separately, or paired with another whip of the same length, or with interruption with a flogger or cat. Such an interruption helps to minimize marks. The device allows for different types of stances and strikes. Use the single-headedness for both point clapper strikes and knurls. It can also be used for encompassing strikes and other impacts. Note that long whips can be used both as a lash and as a whip.