B-Play: Important Facts and Precautions

Games with b***d is one of the most dangerous and at the same time fascinating practices in BDSM. Like any other, it will require skills and dexterity, but training should be much more serious and thorough.

The Highest Degree of Trust

During the session, the masochist is wholly and completely surrendered to the power of the sadist. Only a stop word can protect him from undesirable consequences. Whipping with various whipping devices, although it causes serious damage, does not harm the integrity of the skin: all the bruises are formed just under the skin, pleasing the eye for several more days, or even weeks.

The b-play is played in exactly the opposite way: the b***d should flow from intentionally made wounds. And there are a few who will voluntarily for such appeal. We omit the mystical meaning of b***d in rituals, the “substance of life” and so on. Open wounds are dangerous. First of all, the infection of any rubbish. In addition, the technique of applying a wound is important, as well as the selected tools and place on the body. Ideally, a sadist, or someone present, should have medical education or an ideal knowledge of anatomy, in particular, the human vascular system. One is wrong cut, and instead of sensual and bright practice, you immediately get an ambulance, resuscitation and many questions, and then an article and many sorrows.

Therefore, if you seriously decide to try b***d-play, think about it three times, then again, and again. This is the case when the warning “do not repeat it at home” is worth listening to.

Precautionary Measures

Sterility is the main rule during b***d games. Everything must be completely sterile: instruments, dressing equipment, room. Of course, outside of medical institutions this will be difficult to achieve, but try. The norms of asepsis and antiseptics must be fully complied with:

  • cover the furniture and floor with oilcloth, be sure to spread it where the action will take place;
  • keep antiseptic, cotton swabs, gloves, chlorhexidine on hand;
  • hands should be washed as thoroughly as possible before starting the game – just a surgeon before surgery – wear gloves and process them before b-play;
  • the body part itself must also be carefully processed;
  • there must be a*****l, glue for wounds, sterile and non-sterile bandages, tampons, napkins, peroxide, antibiotic ointment, adhesive plaster or surgical tape.

If all this seems too complicated, then think about all those infections that can be picked up through open wounds. The worst, of course, is HIV and hepatitis. Pleasure should not turn into a sentence, so be careful.

With all the rules, b***d-play will certainly bring mutual pleasure to the sadist and masochist, but do not practice it too often. Let such a thrill remain your cherry on the cake, and not the usual cream layer.