Spice Up Your Wardrobe With These Fetish Fashion Items...

Spice Up Your Wardrobe with These Fetish Fashion Items Right Now!

What you wear surely defines what message you choose to send the world about yourself, and it can also set your mood for the day. We have handpicked these fetish fashion items to help you show off your wilder side - after all, not all your fetish accessories have to be hidden away in your closet and only worn on special occasions.

Number One: Wet-Look Gloves


Gloves can be an essential part of a sexy outfit -  if you allow them to. Wet-look gloves are going to be your perfect companion when you go to BDSM events, and they also work great for more intimate meetups, where they can accentuate every touch you choose to give your BDSM slave. Made from latex, patent leather, or rubber, they all look equally sexy, but deliver different sensations from your touch, so choose wisely!

Number Two: High Heels

Wearing high heels will make you seem taller, accentuate your buttocks and breasts, and prompt your body to move in a very, very sexy way. Tensing up the muscles in your legs and f*****g you to change your body posture to keep balance, high heels are a must have for every BDSM mistress. And don’t forget that you can wear them almost everywhere after you’re done playing, so it’s also a very versatile fetish item.

Number Three: Leather C*****


Leather c*****s are a symbol of the bond between a BDSM master and their slave, so they are often worn on a regular basis and become an essential part of the slave’s look and lifestyle. However, they are also a welcome addition to the wardrobe of people who are not really into S&M, as they help show off your rebellious and provocative side.

Number Four: Latex Hood


Now that latex hoods have become comfortable enough for you to wear them all night long, you may want to get one and let it give your BDSM hookups an unforgettable edge. With your face hidden behind the mask, your eyes and lips become a lot more prominent and draw a lot more attention than they otherwise would have. Suitable for a BDSM mistress and her slave alike, latex hoods may not be something you’d wear in public, but they are sure to add some kink to your bedroom exploits!

Number Five: Body Harnesses


If you fully embrace the BDSM lifestyle, you probably know that a body harness is only to be worn over the naked body. Wearing one underneath your clothes can make your day at work a lot more exciting, as well as give your body shape a slight makeover and make you look even more attractive.