Unusual Fetishes for Ordinary Things

Fetishism has no boundaries and cannot be placed in any framework familiar to society logic. And the proof of this is the most unusual fetishes for ordinary things. Of course, in some cases – extremes – everything goes too far, and addiction becomes a mental illness, but this is the exception to the rule rather than the norm.


Do you love nature as dendrophiles do, with self-forgetfulness and full dedication? Although no, this is not an entirely correct question, dendrophiles love trees, and not all nature at once. And they love them in the very sense in which you thought – they experience sexual excitement at the sight of a tree and sometimes copulate with them. The main thing here is to take precautions: removing knots from the genitals is not an easy task.

Sometimes dendrophiles include particularly zealous defenders of nature, but this is erroneous. A dendrophile always has a sexual bound with the object of his passion.


They say conciliatory sex is the sweetest. Surely it came up with dacriphile, who are excited by the sight of tears. The important point: they don’t like to bring their partner to tears by any sadistic methods, but at the sight of a crying person they start up in a moment. Although it is interesting, if “Hatiko” and “White Bim the black ear” are used to call in tears, then these actions fall under the provisions of the Geneva Convention or is it not?

Dacriphilia is a kind of fetish, but, according to psychologists, it is safe for others.


Disclaimer: by this material we do not seek to offend the feelings of religious people of any denominations.

Hierophilia is a story of a difficult relationship between a fetishist and religion. Hierophil is experiencing excitement from the viewing of religious paraphernalia and contact with it. It happens, long prayers lead to an ecstatic state, hierophil reaches it in three seconds. As a rule, it does not matter to him Christian symbols in front of him, or Muslim.


The best porn for trichophile – advertising of a shampoo. He enjoys and feels excitement looking at his hair. In his obsession with hair, trichophile will give odds to any beauty and fashionista. As a rule, trichophilia is accompanied by obsessive ideas and states, such a fetishist in the house can have wigs made from natural hair, curls, cut off with consent and in secret.

By the way, trichophiles are obsessed with hair not only on the head, but also on other parts of the body.


Something strange, originally from Japan. Oculolinctus is licking of the eyeballs. Thus, Japanese couples express their love. However, they say that after many visits to the hospital with mechanical damage of the eyeball and infections, this fetish has lost its popularity, but is still quite common.

The main thing in fetishism is not to harm others, and then they are unlikely to pay attention to any oddities.