Flagellation – painful practice in BDSM, flogging by long flexible tools. The word comes from Latin "flagellatio" — whipping. Devices for a flagellation. There is great quantity of different devices for flagellation. They are usually made of leather, but can be also made from other materials: plastic, ropes, rubber, even metal chains. In practice of BDSM are most widespread: - Flogger – a multitail lash with smooth flat tails from leather strips. Flogger has the tough handle and from 6 to 50 tails, sometimes more. Total length of a flogger usually is no more than 80 cm. There are options with tails from soft leather and tough (tough or strict flogger) Pair floggers for work from two hands are produced. Very short flogger for whipping of nipples, genitals and other similar places is called genital or hand cracker. The so-called masterful flogger has tails from two parties of a handle but it is a little widespread. The soft flogger is most universal: depending on the blow f***e and also the weight, length and the number of tails, the flogger can be used for the different purposes. Floggers are applied as to superficial influence at warming up (easy and short flogger) as to a punched into (heavy flogger), at that influence it will be very strong because of the big area. - The lash with one tail has a wattled tail with the core and a cracker from the same kind of leather on the end, without fall. As a rule, the lash has a tough handle. Length of a lash is from 60 cm to 1 meter and more. The lash is used for as for dotty strikes by a cracker as for run-ups. – Snake is an option of an one-tail lash without tough handle. - The dog is a universal one-tail lash – a short lash with the core, the body of a lash meets on a cone with a loop on the end into which different devices are inserted. It can be a belt fall, so-called Hungarian or others. With a thick belt fall it is the serious injury-causing device used for dotty strikes with the Hungarian it is burning and superficial, with a soft device it becomes purely a fetish. - The cat is a multi-tail wattled lash, it has from 3 to 9 tails, sometimes more. Weaving of tails of a cat can be round or flat, tails can leave the handle or flexible continuation. Depending on a structure, cats can be applied to different types of blows including "broaches". Let's note that the name "cat" has also sign the tool from a rope used for punishment of seamen and also in BDSM. Whip – the longest and difficult in work device. There are different options of whips: with and without a handle, with a different length of a tail (from 1.5 meters), with different weaving (smooth or cone-type), with a fall or a cracker on the end. On technology of work whips come under two headings: heavy (beating at the expense of the weight and amplitude of swing) and light which it is necessary "to send". Working with heavy is much easier and its blow is more accurate. Whips more than 2 meters on the person are not used, as a rule the cracker has to be from soft leather. The whip is very dangerous device and it is dangerous not only for bottom – features of its movement are that the inexperienced person can put damages himself. Technique of flagellation and accident prevention. Use of the majority of devices demands good knowledge of admissible zones of influence, technology of work of specific device and accuracy of blow: safety of an action, and minimization of damages and other undesirable effects depends on it. There are different racks, types of successful holds of a device, f***e exertions and lines, types of blows (in the direction and duration), options of broaches, types of blow series. Also general drawing of an action is important as a ratio of its different parts, on what the received result depends: subspace, catharsis, orgasm – or on the contrary subdrop. Consideration of a technique of knowledge of devices and accident prevention demands a separate conversation. It is the best to study it all at a seminar or just at the experienced sadist.