Role-playing in BDSM– the big group of practices including elements of disciplinary, painful, sexual influences and fetishes. As a matter of fact, these games not always belong to BDSM as many fans of it are "pure" fetishists to whom traditional areas of interest in BDSM - pain and power - are not important. Also ordinary people, who want to diversify the sex, are engaged in these games. All rolling plays are based on game depersonalization: an opportunity in the course of the game to distract from the being "I", to dare releasing outside feelings, emotions, desires including socially tabooed. For example, "animal" can behave as the person should not – it has no sense of shame and should not estimate previously the actions – it's simpler to submit to orders and so on. Receiving pleasure in the course of the game is caused as direct influences (for example, sexual or painful) as pleasure from a fetish and also feeling of catharsis at accommodation of situations, thoughts of which in usual life have to be f****d out. Interaction methods in role plays are education (forming of conscious accomplishment of the certain regulations established by Top (Dominant)), training (development of unconditional responses – for example an orgasm by order and so on), game punishment. There are some of role-playing games: Etiquette games – establishment of different rules (Etiquette) for Bottom (Submissive) and control of it's observance. Among etiquette games there are "slave" games (not to confuse to the relations of DS!). Exactly because of it different Codes and the intra pair Protocol originate. It should be noted that elements of etiquette are present not only at games, but also almost at any couple of role-players; there are also Club Codes though the last represent the code of ethical standards for members of a certain community but not specific requirements to etiquette. Such a way availability of the Code or just observance of certain rules in itself is not a sign of the etiquette game if it's aim is not receiving pleasure by partners but namely practical convenience of interaction in couple or club. "Animal" games or Pet-play – in these games bottoms carry out a role of a kitty, doggie or other animals. These "animals" are trained, brought up, punished and so on. Pony-play - a separate version of pet-play, "riding the horse" game which is subdivided into a number of the directions: riding ponies, draft ponies, dressage (in which accomplishment of different orders is estimated) and at last rubber-pony where the pony-play is combined with the latex-fetish. A large number of special ammunition, from boots-hoofs and suits with masks and tails, to special chariots is designed for the pony-play. There are clubs of the pony-play, festivals and competitions. Game with substitution of age or games with pretending a c***d is Baby Play; in this game an adult plays a role of a c***d – usually exposed to education and punishment for faults. Also there is an option of the game based mainly on a fetish. Games with substitution of sex – from simple cross-dressing (that is disguise in clothes of an opposite sex), to sexual games with a strap-on. The pleasure in this game can be purely sadomasochistical – when participants are interested in humiliation and shame or to be based on a fetish (for example, the same old latex) or on other deviations. There are also other options of role plays which do not join in concept BDSM: for example, the furry which created own subculture. Others are only partially crossed with subculture of BDSM: in particular, within the etiquette games some role players practice so-called "gorean" games based on the cycle of books of John Norman about Gor planet, but there is also a separate subculture of goreanets.