Piercing Play: Precautions and Limits of Pleasure

Piercing play is an unusual, sensual and beautiful BDSM practice. Decorative punctures, which are made with medical needles, can make up an original composition and give pleasure at the same time.

The Main Thing Is to Prepare Properly

An important component of piercing play is safety. Rules for asepsis and antiseptics should be in the first place:

  • only new disposable needles are used;
  • before punctures, the skin area is treated with a disinfectant solution;
  • the master doing the punctures must put on gloves and also treat them with a disinfectant;
  • after the game itself, the skin is carefully treated with an antiseptic, a healing composition is applied and bandages are made.

All this is necessary to minimize the risk of infection. Therefore, the entire arsenal of necessary tools should be at hand before the start of piercing play.

As for needles and their thickness, beginners are recommended to start with thin insulin needles, which practically do not injure in the process, and to pierce the upper layer of skin with them. More experienced practitioners can use the needle thicker and penetrate them deeper, the main warning is not to touch the fatty tissue.

As a rule, the piercing-play area is a back. However, it is not uncommon for masters to use the arms, legs, and chest of the submissive during the sessions. Special care is always exercised when piercing the halo of the nipples, neck and inner thighs. The proximity of the central b***d vessels makes piercing-play in these places a particularly dangerous game and requires special care and attention from the Master. If you are not confident in your abilities – choose another place on the body.

Piercing Play as Art

Piercing play is a temporary decoration and it is not recommended to wear it for longer than fifteen minutes so that hematomas do not appear. That is why the action that the Master can show from the stage is so valuable – the picture on the back of the submissive is built quickly and also disappears quickly.

The practice is very aesthetic: with needles you can prepare a skeleton for a corset, into which a satin ribbon is then drawn in; also, false flowers and feathers are seldom inserted into the needle holes themselves. This makes the game very beautiful and nice looking.

Much less often, but it happens, the piercing-play is combined with other practices. Needles with wide cannulas can be inserted into the body of the submissive, into which taper candles are then placed and set on fire. Such a peculiar human-candelabrum will fairly entertain the public on the show, but the practice itself rarely gives pleasure to both partners.

Knowing yourself and the limits of your pleasure can lead you to a piercing-play, make sure that you have studied the issue well, your Master has already practiced it and you are fully ready for the session. And only after that, plunge into the world of sharp – literally – pleasures.