Paddle as The Easiest Spank Device

The whipping and choice of devices for it is an individual process and it is completely based on the preferences of both parties: the sadist decides how and with what he will strike depending on the reaction of the masochist to one or another device. And although many say that nothing will replace the palm, which gives a unique feeling of skin contact with the skin, the paddle makes the feeling brighter and stronger.

Variety and Variations of Paddles

The simplest paddle looks like a narrow oblong plate with a handle, covered with leather. And this is actually the simplest and most convenient form that allows you to work on the most sensitive places: buttocks, nipples, and genitals.

A paddle cannot ripe off the back and it is hardly suitable for the thighs (except the inner side), but it can noticeably slap on the testicles. Especially well-suited for this rounded paddle blades.

In the spiked paddle, the studded side is rarely used exactly for the slap, but the sharp ends of the decoration can be used as a “massage” after a series of hard blows. In addition, such a paddle looks rather frightening and a masochist cannot be completely sure that she will not receive a blow with pointed spikes as a punishment for disobedience.

Another variation of the paddle looks like three wide plates – two at the ends is more tightly and the "tongue" inside the thinner. Slapping such a paddle is incredibly painful, but at the same time, it also gives a unique feeling, complemented by a ringing click of " tongues".

How to Use the Paddle?

It is necessary to work with the paddle carefully, especially in the area of ​​the nipples and genitals. Some extremes use it for striking the face, but for this, the palm is better than the device.

It is worth starting with light blows on the buttocks, gradually increasing the pace and f***e of the blow, turning to strong slaps. In the process of whipping, you can change the speed, alternate strong blows with the lungs, but closely monitor the condition of the skin and the partner itself – despite the shape and simplicity of the device, it can also cause serious damage.

Slapping paddles on the nipples, it is important to remember that this is still a monolithic heavy device, and not an easy stack “tongue” – strong blows are generally prohibited, and it is better to choose a form that is not classic. The same rule also works for strikes on the male genitalia: one should not cross the fine line between pain pleasure and pain shock.

Practice and preference will help you to choose your paddle. However, quite often the thematics refuse it, finding charm in other devices and practices, but for beginners, it will be very interesting.