Sex Swing: Reward or Punishment?

A sex swing is a great experimenting device for many couples. An interesting fact: many doctors recommend a swing for sex to patients who have received injuries of the spine, bones and joints, in order to reduce the load on the skeleton and not to give up pleasure.

Sweets of Weightlessness

The main advantage of a swing for sex is the sensation of suspension, weightlessness. They say that this is already akin to Subspace, and if we add to is some BDSM practices, it blows the roof off in a few minutes.

Sex swings have various modifications: on racks and for hanging on a hook, with additional clamps for arms and legs, with a solid base and in the form of a hammock. In a word, there is a good choice and everything will depend on your preferences and wishes. The complete feeling of weightlessness is given by models for suspensions with one or two hooks, at the very fastening there is a dense spring that enhances the effect.

However, it should be remembered that although the swing and allow you to try fifty (!) poses, you should not be too zealous, pleasure should come first. The bottom partner, sitting comfortably in a swing, can completely relax and immerse himself in his feelings, while the Top partner can simply control the lines of the swing to regulate the speed and frequency of movements.

Sex Swing in BDSM Entourage

In BDSM, sex swing can be used in different ways, both for reliable fixation of the partner, and to replace the usual rope suspension. Swings are ideal for both whipping and f****d oral sex.

In addition, using a swing for sex is quite easy to immobilize or restrict the mobility of the lower partner, to create a feeling of weightlessness and helplessness. Since you can place on a swing as you like — sitting, lying, sideways, on your back or on your stomach — only your imagination can limit entertainment options.

Depending on the game chosen, sex swings can also be used as a reward – after a particularly extreme action, for example – and as a punishment, for example, to leave the partner in swing, carefully fixing and leaving. However, it is important to remember about safety and caution.

Swing for sex allows you to completely relax and enjoy the process, but at the same time, they are quite a sensitive tool in the practice of delayed orgasm, which is also quite often used in BDSM.

Choosing your first swing, carefully study the proposed options, talk with a consultant, and even better with those who already use this device – not all things can be learned from the presentation. Remember, your goal is a pleasure, whatever it is.