Sex-wife & Cuckold

Sexwife is sexual practice based on a husband's permitted adultery. Sexwife comes from English sexwife, "wife for sex, whore wife". Unlike swing (exchange partners in pairs) sexwife suggests exactly one-sided open adultery of the wife, and it gives the husband pleasure, and arouses him. There are various options for sexwife relationships, under which: Husband lets sexwife one go to meetings with lovers, while what happens at these meetings does not concern him. Wife after the meeting tells about her actions, presents to her husband evidence of adultery. It can be photos and videos, remains of sperm, and so on. Wife does not need the approval of her husband, she determines with whom and when she meets. Cuckold. There is a variant of sexwife relations, in which there are elements of her husband humiliation, which in this version is called a cuckold. Cuckold observes sex of his wife with another man, not participating in it, or sexwife demonstrates their relationship to strangers - telling them, uploading photos and publicly appearing with a lover. Lover's joint living with the couple or his arrival in the sexwife's house is possible. Either the cuckold participates in meetings, together with lovers having sex with the wife, usually also in humiliating forms - for example, doing cunnilingus after his wife had sex with a lover. The most severe option of the cuckold is his use at a meeting as a slave by wife or her partner. Source of pleasure for the husband in relationships with sexwife is the fact that he has woman that others want and those adulteries are evidence of this value. In addition, exhibitionism plays a role in the form of candalaism. It is also important to enjoy social taboos, excitement from shame, and other elements. In the case of the cuckold, the sadomasochistic motive comes to the fore: humiliation and submission. For his wife this is an opportunity to satisfy her desire for polyamory, without conflicting with her husband, a sadistic component may join it. . Sexwife relationships in any options do not exclude love, respect, and consideration of the interests of the partner by both spouses. Devotees-sadomasochists enjoy causing each other pain, but this is only "another love" as one writer has accurately called sadomasochism. The same is true in sexwife relationships. They are also based on the voluntary agreement of the two deviants. Sexwife and BDSM subculture. People who need sexwife relationships are attracted to swingers, often using their clubs and forums for communication. Although sexwife, as a format of relations, is not in itself a part of BDSM, it is adopted in quite a few constant femdom pairs (in a broad sense, including not only DS pairs). It makes it possible to form prides, to carry out the feminization of the bottom husband, and so on. Nevertheless, sexwife is not universal even for femdom couples - not all of the Tops have a need for polyamory. In constant pairs in maledom and family pairs of subject members, where the partners are the same in positioning, this format is less common, and, as a rule, husband retains control over the situation.