Pony-play: The First Horse in The Stable

Many believe that BDSM is limited only to those practices that are enclosed in four capital letters. However, the world of thematic pleasures is able to offer many different options. Even for the most sophisticated gourmets, there is something suitable.

Pony-play and Role-playing

It is a mistake to assume that BDSM Pony Play is a regular role-playing game, like dressing up as a nurse and a maid. Fitting the role of an animal has a much deeper background and meaning. The desire to turn into a cat, dog or horse means the need to get care and to refuse responsibility.

In fact, during the game, the bottom one completely loses its “human” privileges, completely turning into a portrayed animal. Often this transformation is associated not only with emotional reincarnation, but also with the physical one, when the bottom partner puts on a mask, ears and a leash.

Harness Pony-play

Pony-play, as one of the varieties of animal-play in BDSM, has many different forms and manifestations. The full latex or vinyl suit of the horse is not always worn, but the harness, imitation of hooves and tails (the role of which is often performed by anal plugs), is used for almost every game.

Pony play has nothing to do with humiliation, as many mistakenly believe. Therefore, it is important to find the Master, not the Trainer. After all, it is the Master who will take care of his pet, and not try to break him and bring him up. In addition, dressing in reincarnation is of great importance for the top, so high boots and a stack in the hands of a Master or Mistress are the same necessary attributes for a BDSM game.

How to Play "Horse"?

The desire to put on a harness and carry the Master in a cart is not always voiced even in the thematic party. Often, the bottom one may not even suspect in itself such traction or need. Therefore, for the first time, a pony play is tried only with an experienced Master.

The fillies and stallions, which have already been broke before, can be frantic and demonstrate character. In this case, the game gets a new shade and is combined with a whipping. But only by mutual consent. Volunteering remains the main rule for any animal play, and especially for reincarnation into a horse.


It is not necessary to put on a horse mask or immediately harness the bottom in a cart. You can start with small – dressing and walking. For this purpose, thematic parties and home games are suitable, where the pet will receive enough attention, and the Master will be something to be proud of.