Tattoo Fetish and Other Body Modifications

A body covered with tattoos can be attractive and disgusting at the same time. Everything will depend on the preferences of the beholder, and on what exactly is depicted on the skin. Body modifications – piercing, scarring, implantation of foreign objects – can also be an object of a fetish. How does it work?

A Fetish to Yourself

Tattoos can attract a fetishist both on someone else’s body and on their own. In the second case, do not confuse with tattoo addiction. These are, after all, very different things. A fetish for tattoos is a fairly common phenomenon today, especially when you consider the number of young people decorating their bodies with plain and bright ornaments.

For a fetishist, this is not just an application on the body. It is Important and valued the location and even the application process. It is not uncommon for fetishists who wear tattoos on their bodies to film tattooing in order to once again carefully follow the work of the master. This is especially true if the tattoo is on the back or neck. As for the places of tattoos, then most often it is something both intimate and audacious: chest, pubis, inner thigh, buttock.

What's in My Tattoo for You?

It's no secret that the ornament on the body can be quite exciting. It can be traced with the tip of the finger or the tip of the tongue. However, a fetishist who prefers a tattoo on someone else’s body may be interested not only in tactile sensations. Not infrequently, the very fact of knowing that there is a tattoo on the body, but hidden by clothes, turns on much stronger than its constant contemplation.

In addition, in this case, the fetishist is also quite attracted to the shape of the tattoo, its meaning or even color. Often there are those who prefer tattoos of the same theme: roses, skulls, inscriptions, Celtic ligatures or something more original, which has special significance.

Piercing and Scarring

Punctures and marks on the body attract no less ink under the skin. However, despite the popular BDSM piercing play-play, this has nothing to do with the piercing fetish. Most often, a fetishist is attracted to piercing in intimate places: tongue, lips (oral fixation), nipples, navel, labia, clitoris, foreskin.

However, piercing eyebrows, ears, nose and other parts of the body can also be objects for a fetishist. He may be aroused by the fact of having an earring in this place or the opportunity to play with it with a tongue. In any case, piercing will always be an integral part of the prelude to sex.

Scars are an original decoration for the body, but no less popular and exciting than tattoos. Drawing is a subtle art that not every master takes possession of, but such a pattern is preserved on the body for life and almost in its original form. It is worth noting that ordinary injury scars can also become the subject of a fetish.

In BDSM, a tattoo can also have special meaning, for example, as a sign of belonging to the Master. Such markings are most often applied with henna or with something temporary, but in special pairs or with established relationships, subcutaneous ink injections can also be used.