Cold play is a practice in BDSM, which involves cold effects on the bottom. Cold play include both direct effects on the body and various play moments. Traditionally, either frozen in special bags or molds ice cubes, or cold water are used. You can also use massive (to keep the cold) metal objects cooled in the freezer. Cold as an addition to other practices. Cold play is often used during practices in which body heating (flogging) or exposure to hot substances (wax play or fire-play) occurs. - Usually, ice is used as one of the elements of temperature influences, when playing with wax. In this case, effects of molten paraffin and ice or water are alternated. It is possible to use paraffin and ice on different parts of the body, or alternately. Often the bottom can not understand what is dripping on him, especially if he is in a mask. - Use of ice and cold water after flogging is not only a play point, but also a reduction in bruising. In this case, heated areas are usually exposed to cold water from spray. One has only to bear in mind that the alternation of contrasting temperatures can change the sensations of whipping. It is possible to use champagne or soda because bubbles in this case enhance the effect. - Use of cold in games with fire is also built on contrasts. In this case, water spraying can be alternated with "fireballs". Ice games in the BD. Cold influences can be part of the BD plays. So, carrying the ice cubes on the back (with punishment for the dropped ones), using them while trampling (they are put on the bottom or bottom is put on them) and in other options. In this case you can diversify the game using cubes with sharp edges or massive ice plates, which have a strong impact. This also applies to use of large syringes, or other "sprays" for exposure to a thin stream of water. In this case, the effect of surprise is also used. Ice is applied in sexual plays too: you can freeze it in a condom, making an icy phallus. Do not just leave it in the vagina without movement because it is able to stick to the mucous membrane. There are more complex plays. Safety in cold play. Security measures are obvious - do not allow a strong subcooling of the bottom and warm him up after the action if it is required.