Cunbusting is a painful and at the same time sexual practice in BDSM, hits against female genitalia. The word comes from English "cuntbusting". Originally, the term arose among people interested in cuntfighting (women's fights), and subsequently entrenched and for a similar action in BDSM. Relationship of pain or humiliation and sex, which is characteristic for sadomasochism, even when it comes to the most sexual act of the form of coitus, is most clear. Cunbusting can be like a prelude, which in the future will accompany coitus with pain without additional effort, or directly lead to an orgasm - sadomasochistic and natural at the same time. No less strong feeling cunbusting gives to the Top. Varieties of cunbusting. Cunbusting can be performed in various ways and with various devices. Each of these options makes it possible to get different sensations. It should be noted that cunbusting is usually combined with other types of "sexual" t*****e, for example, breast t*****e. - Cunbusting by hand is a traditional one, when hits are applied by the palm, at the labia, the clitoris and the perineum as a whole. - Spanking of the perineum with flexible devices can be performed as from the rear, by a blow to the perineum with an overlap, or in front by a direct blow. Choice of devices for women's crotch flogging is much wider than for men. If in the latter case (for ballbusting) almost exclusively floggers are used, and often truncated (the so-called "genit tool") then floggies, and "cats", and universal whips with different endings can be used to flog the women's perineum. Of course, the f***e of hits must be adjusted, following the reaction of the bottom. There is a method of flogging to an orgasm, which determines the general pattern of the action, alternating hits at different tempos, and so on. This technique is used in this case. - Cunbusting with nettle and horsehair. These options, as well as the use of "Hungarian whip", and other similar methods, combine the effect of the impact. All these are scorching, very painful hits, but with a superficial effect. When using nettle, great care must be taken. In this case, allergic reactions are possible; therefore, it is necessary to check the reaction beforehand, and in less sensitive areas. Effect is then showed after a while, and its chemical penetrating effect will not stop quickly.