Sexual fetishism is a sexual deviation in which the object of sexual attraction becomes certain parts of the partner's body, its physical features, or the stimulus for sexual arousal and the condition for sexual satisfaction become various objects: clothes, shoes, things made of a certain material and others. Objects of fetishism can be used in different ways: a fetishist can look at them, dress in them, masturbate on them, eat them, kiss them, lick them, etc. In most cases, fetishism is socially and medically acceptable, and is pathological only when it causes an irresistible urge to perform unacceptable actions, becomes an obstacle to normal sexual activity and causes suffering. Fetishism belongs to the category of sexual preference disorders - paraphilias, ICD-10 code F65.0. Varieties of fetishism. Among the many types of fetishism in BDSM, a few are most important: clothing and shoe fetish, latex fetish, medical fetish, and foot fetish. Clothing and shoe fetish. One of the most common fetishes. Fetish objects become, for example, underwear, stockings, bras, shoes, medical uniforms and military uniforms. There are special fetish fashions, and sex shops sell role-play-adapted versions of various uniforms. This type of fetishism can be accompanied by dressing up in clothes of the opposite sex, in this case there is fetishistic transvestism. Latex fetish. This is a fetish for latex clothing and partners dressed in latex. However, the concept of latex fetish as a BDSM practice is much wider, it is combined with various other practices. In particular, latex costumes or other latex products are used to restrict freedom: as a device for bondage and even mummification (e.g. vacuum-bed). This can also be combined with breath control practices: for example, a latex suit may not only restrict mobility but also have a special mask for breathing. Latex products are also used in role-playing games: for example, one of the varieties of pony play is the slave pony, when the bottoms playing the role of ponies are dressed in latex horse costumes. Latex fetish is a separate subculture, only partially overlapping with BDSM. Foot fetishism. The fetish in this case is feet or their separate parts, or various actions with feet. Foot fetishism based on this type of fetishism is a very common practice in BDSM, particularly in femdom. Medical fetishism has become the basis of a complex of BDSM practices - medfetish. In this case, the bottom plays the role of a patient, and the actual "game" elements of fetish, such as medical clothing, can be combined with serious painful effects (plei-piercing or electro-infliction) or real medical procedures (for example, enema). Of course, these types of fetishes do not exhaust the list of fetishes that bring people into BDSM. For example, one can name urinophilia, which became the basis for the practice of golden rain, or lactophilia, which can be a motive for baby play.