Fire-Play: The Rules of Enjoyment

Fire-play in BDSM is not an ordinary fire show, which is arranged on a holiday, but this action surpasses even the brightest fireworks in terms of the power of emotions. As has been repeatedly stated, there is no safe practice in BDSM, and games with fire are especially traumatic.

Games with Fire - for Advanced Only!

This is understandable to everyone, but it will not be superfluous to remind that games with fire are suitable only for experienced themtics. And this applies to both the Top and bottom partner. Correct games with fire end with Subspace or a state close to it, and not with injuries and burns.

In addition, another important factor: fire-play in BDSM is not only S/M practice, which is obvious but also D/S. Certainly, the fire serves to cause pain to the masochist, but at the same time, it creates a feeling of fear and helplessness in the lower partner, which is more characteristic of submissives.

This entertainment will require full concentration on the process, thorough preliminary preparation, and observance of security measures. And yes, the first-aid kit and fire extinguisher must be on hand.

A variety of tools can be used to inflict fire: torches, fire claws, whips and balls. Fire can even be "spilt" on the body, burning combustible liquids in tanks and pouring them onto the body. The main rule is that any painful sensation should be short-lived, otherwise, in addition to burns, a painful shock for the bottom is expected.

Security and Precautionary Measures

Perhaps, it is worth starting with securing the action venue – remove all flammable things away, push the furniture, if there is one, prepare firefighting equipment. In this, there is a certain similarity with wax-play.

Another important point: it is necessary to fix or immobilize the bottom partner so that with his sharp movements he does not injure himself or knock the fire tool out of the Top hands. This could trigger a fire in nearby objects. As a rule, it uses bracers and leggings for fixation, St. Andrew’s cross, ropes. It is important to reliably fix the masochist, but do not disturb the b***d flow in the limbs and do not tighten the nodes too tight.

In addition to the fire extinguisher, you need to keep a first-aid kit with a set of medicines and tools used for burns of varying degrees, plus a dressing material. Panthenol as the most common and widely used tool for emergency assistance fits perfectly. But other healing tools will also be useful to you.

Playing with fire in BDSM is undoubtedly a bright action, which will give unusual emotions to both viewers and its participants, but no matter how strong pleasure and seduction are, remember that safety is in the first place in this game.