Flogger: Types and Ways to Use

Experienced thematics call the flogger a warm-up device, followed by more burning and biting devices. But they recommend beginners to use it to determine their pain threshold and understand how far they are willing to go in pursuit of pleasure. The thing is that with a classic flogger it is difficult to cause serious damage, but it will cause pain as much as you like.

The Design and Types of Floggers

The flogger consists of an ergonomic handle and hanging tails, which are used to strike the back, buttocks, thighs, boobs and genitals. In fact, a flog is also a whip, only with a multitude of tails, as a rule, from 35 to 55 in one device. Of course, there are exceptions with more or fewer tails. Since the flogger is used for whipping practices of moderate severity, it is most often made from soft skin types, cutting sheets into narrow strips of 8-10 mm. Leather is chosen because of its durability and wear resistance.

Masters say that the flogger is one of the most top seller goods, as it is a must-have device for any Sadist. Also, it can be purchased paired floggers that allow to strike almost without interruption, intensively affecting the partner's body.

The length of the tails of floggers can vary depending on the height of the sadist, so they are often made to order. The average length is 50 cm.

As such, a clearly approved and recognized classification and division of floggers into types does not exist. Each master determines for himself the type of flogger and its application.

How to Use the Flogger Correctly?

Due to the fact that floggers are so diverse, there are several ways to use them.

  • The intimate flogger, as the name implies, is used to affect the intimate areas: breast, genitals, and sometimes the face. It is smaller in size; its tails can be thinner and shorter to provide the desired effect on these areas of the body.
  • Fetish flogger is used for spanking during sex. His tails are short enough to beat with a span, without stopping the frictions and not to hurt the partner’s face or head, it all depends on the chosen pose.
  • A working flogger is applied directly to whipping. It is considered to be the classic one. Made from leather with a thickness of up to 1.8 mm and can be an excellent prelude to the session.
  • A strict flogger is a device for gourmet that prefers to make a stinging device even out of an almost innocuous mongrel. It is made of dense belt leather and designed for experienced thematics.

Contrary to the misconception, the smaller the tailings of a flogger, the stronger it “bites”, so strict floggers usually have up to 30 tails, but even a regular flogger can be made a more “serious” device if you make it with, say, 20 tails.

The choice of flog will depend on the purpose of its use, and on the preferences of the pair. Most often, an individual device is selected for each partner.