Foot Fetish

Foot fetish is a sexual practice based on deviation - fetish of foot, which is sexual attraction to the feet. Foot fetish has many forms in which the object of attraction is both the legs as a whole, and their separate parts - the foot, the ankle, or the leg in the shoe, stocking, or certain actions performed by the feet. Foot fetis was described by Freud in 1907 in the book "Der Wahn und Die Träume in W. Jensens Gradiva. The material for the study was Wilhelm Jensen's book "Gradiva". Since foot fetish occurs mainly among men, it has become an important part of the BD plays in the femdom. Foot fetish options as a practice can be the following: Foot Massage is something around which a foot-fetish is often built, where it begins. It can be part of the play or a professionally performed massage. Trampling - is a trampling, walking on the body of a fetishist. And it can be walking with bare feet, and trampling in shoes, which is already painful practices requiring security measures and bordering with crash. Feet Licking - this practice can also be a means of humiliation play. Options are toes sucking and licking (ToeSucking, ToeLicking), and there are fans of looking at how a woman sucks her own fingers; for this, the separate term "SelfSucking" is used. FeetSniffing - the smell of feet and sweat can also be part of a fetish. As an option, it can be shoe sniffing. FootJob (s) is when a woman masturbates penis of her partner with her feet. There are a number of techniques for this action. This can be passive foot sex, when a woman folds her feet, so that a man can masturbate between them, or active when she masturbates him. Foot Worship, Foot Slavery is a "slavery at the feet", although the last phrase has its own shade - this is the whole foot fetish complex, sometimes connected with coercion play: massage, feet sniffing and licking and so on. Tickling. This is actually an independent practice, and it can be separate not only from the foot fetish, but also from BDSM in general. There are special websites of ticklers and in the West they have their own party. Nevertheless, foot fetishists also love this option. Of course, foot fetish is not limited by these options. Fetishists can choose to be worship, for example, an ankle fetish - when a fetishist loves a part of a leg that he massages or licks. Foot fetish in photography and cinema. As far as fetishism is concerned, not only actions, but also images can be attractive. There are a lot of directions that fans of foot fetish can be interested in. For example, in photography, they are such as Barefoot (girls) - barefoot girls, Painted Toes, Pedicure (s) - painted fingers, a pedicure. Often this is a photo of individual parts of the foot, for example Arc (s) - literally "Bend of the foot", close-up photo of the foot, with the foot on the fingers, or actions, for example Pedal Pumping - when the woman presses the pedal of the car or bicycle. In fact, there are several dozens of such variants, if not a hundred and these are just examples. A large number of films have been shot, the theme of which is foot fetishism in general and foot fetish as a practice. In particular, according to the novel by W. Jensen, according to which Freud described this kind of fetishism, Alain Rob-Grilllet shot the movie "C’est Gradiva qui vous appelle, 2006"