Fetish In and Out: Rope Dress vs. Harness

A classic set of accessories for a fashionable woman of the 21st century includes a trend bag, smart watches, jewelry and ... harness. Yes, this undoubted attribute of BDSM has already securely entered everyday life and can surprise few people. But… In thematic relations, harness can serve as a sign of belonging (along with a c****r or wristbands), constantly remind of “secret” fantasies, or become a signal for those who are able to recognize it. While the Rope Dress on the body keeps a secret. 

All for Show Among the huge number of fetishes, fetish clothing takes one of the main places. The harness, although it has a military origin, acquired a completely different meaning thanks to BDSM practices. Some people use leather harness to imitate bondage, tightly tightening the straps on the naked body, others prefer to wear it over their clothes. Fashion bloggers tell about fashion trends in wearing women's harnesses (the most common options: on top of a boho dress, a white long loose shirt, and a knitted dress), but for thematic only, this is not just an addition to the look. 

What harness can offer and why did so many people like it? 

  • Restricted mobility is one of the key features of bondage, and since harness imitates it, it works for it as well.
  • A beautiful and elegant accessory can be a source of pleasure and desired pain.
  • Simplicity, convenience and variety of models, which are offered by Masters and designers, make a harness an accessory and high-grade fetish clothing at the same time.

In addition, the leather harness braiding the body – it is sexy and aesthetically pleasing, whether it is pressed to bare skin or fabric. 


Rope Dress

My Secret Is Always with Me The most common bondage tool is a rope. High demands are placed on it, since the rope comes in contact with delicate skin, and the goal of any BDSM practice is pleasure, not irritation and burns from using non-quality materials. Rope Dress is a special kind of pleasure for those who prefer classic bondage to fashion accessories. However, when choosing between a painful (squeezing) and limiting Rope Dress, remember that you will have to spend more than one hour with it, therefore: a) practice in advance; b) start small - simple strapping schemes, simple knots, short wearing time; c) follow the aesthetics and sensations. 

Even the simplest Rope Dress can cause a lot of discomfort, so it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the safety regulations and strictly follow the instructions (if you are not an experienced Shibari Master). A huge plus of the Rope Dress is that it is a triple pleasure. First, the mystery. While the Master performs it: touches, strapping and petting can easily bring to the peak of sensual pleasure. Secondly, the continuous feeling of the ropes on the body (with the appropriate fetish) keeps in constant tension and excitement, which can be a preparatory stage for the session. Thirdly, unleashing can be no less revelation than tying. What’s better? Everyone decides for himself: to show their preferences to others or enjoy them secretly.