F****d Feminization – Humiliation and Pleasure

If a man himself wears a woman’s dress with joy, then this is crossdressing and has nothing to do with f****d feminization. But if he wears what the Mistress ordered him to do, it is a completely different matter.

Dress Up Your Doll

Decide on the image before choosing outfits. Together you can choose suits for men in online or offline stores, or choose them yourself if your relationship with the submissive does not imply a manifestation of will on his part.

The choice of clothes is a prelude to the main game. You can make him try on erotic lingerie or a maid costume, praise his appearance or, on the contrary, insult him. F****d feminization opens up a ton of possibilities for D/S couples.

Tell him why you chose this particular outfit, how it will look in it and what certain colors mean. Use the common stereotype that pink is only for princesses, and red is for whores. Dress him in latex or lace, and do not forget about makeup and high heels.

Humiliation and Coercion

Decide on the goal: you need a decorative doll, which you will simply enjoy, a domestic servant or do you prefer games of a sexual nature. Whatever your desires, you will need to determine the role of your doll verbally, that is, by order, and by actions.

If you need a servant, you can praise for a job well done, or vice versa to point out flaws. Make him serve you tea and d****s in higher heels every time or wear an excessively short skirt so his buttocks are visible when walking or bending.

Pay attention to makeup. Make him apply makeup on his own and punish for mistakes or praise for successful attempts. Smudge makeup on the face, insult if your roles in this game are those.

Your slave doll can serve not only you but also your friends. It is also a separate form of humiliation and coercion, which is widely used in the BDSM community. The main thing is to feel the partner’s state and agree on a stop word in advance so that in case of discomfort, he has the opportunity to report it.

Think over a system of punishments and rewards. Everything will depend on your dominance style and the roles chosen. For example, if you have a housewife, give her a cake mold or a pan – she will prepare pancakes and breakfasts for you. Encouragements can also be psychological: lift the ban, if there is one, let it speak or discharge (if there is a ban on orgasm).

F****d feminization is an interesting practice with a special flavor of spices and shame, which makes it so attractive and erotic.